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Are you ready for some major shakeups in travel in 2024? With the big shifts in the economy, changes in technology, and shifting traveler demands, hoteliers will have to work harder than ever to drive occupancy and profitability.

That’s why TravelBoom is hosting a free webinar where great hoteliers will come together and sharpen their skills for more profitable results next year!

What You’ll Take Away from this One-Day Event:

  • Major Shifts you can expect in travel next year
  • How search, pay-per-click, and metasearch will let you Own the Search Results Page
  • Key Insights from the 2023 Leisure Travel Trends Study
  • How to take a ROAS-Focused approach to your digital marketing

Get Ready To Make Your Marketing BOOM!

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The event has concluded and you can watch the full recording right here.

TravelBoom’s 2023 Leisure Travel Trends Study

Every attendee at the hotel digital marketing workshop receives a complimentary limited edition print copy of the new travel study.

Can’t wait for the show? Download a copy today!

Savvy hoteliers should expect some unprecedented changes in leisure traveler behavior for the remainder of 2023 and beyond. Low confidence in the economy, changing decision-makers, and emerging technologies are all pointing to a massive shift in how hoteliers will court a new generation of travelers.

Download the detailed analysis of findings, along with observations and specific opportunities to help position your property top of mind with your best customers.