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A view of the pool at a hotel - a top amenity mentioned by hoteliers in the 2024 Hotelier Study

April 29, 2024 · travelboom

A Recap of TravelBoom’s 2024 Hotelier Study

TravelBoom’s 2024 Hotelier Study takes an insightful look at the current market and industry hurdles and offers solutions for overcoming these challenges. The study surveyed more than 50 hoteliers operating a variety of transient hotels, resorts...
Young Woman filming a video for influencer marketing for hotels.

April 26, 2024 · travelboom

Influencer Marketing for Hotels

Finding creative marketing ideas for hotels to attract guests is easier with the help of influencers who offer new perspectives and fresh content. The hospitality industry is highly competitive, which makes winning over potential guests a challeng...
Content writer sitting at desk asking herself, "what should a hotel blog about?"

March 27, 2024 · Alyssa Fate

What Should a Hotel Blog About? 

A well-maintained hotel blog can be a powerful tool for enhancing your hotel’s online presence, attracting targeted traffic, and improving your search engine rankings over time. But, what should a hotel blog about? Writing Content for Hotel ...
Google is one way to take advantage of the top Benefits of CPC Marketing for Hotels.

March 21, 2024 · Alyssa Fate

10 Benefits of CPC Marketing for Hotels

The benefits of CPC marketing for hotels shouldn’t be overlooked when strategizing for the future. If leveraged successfully, cost-per-click advertising can attract and retain customers, as well as introduce your brand to a new audience. This co...
Experiential marketing includes hotel features like this infinity pool in the maldives.

March 11, 2024 · travelboom

Experiential Marketing for Hotels

Connecting with potential guests using immersive, experiential advertising can build a hotel’s brand recognition and customer base. An accomplished experiential marketing agency knows how to push the boundaries of traditional advertising to gene...