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Who is your best guest? What do they want and need from your hotel? At TravelBoom, we uncover both insights and your best customers. We do this by leveraging data to help eliminate guesswork from all aspects of your business. See how our strategic, digital, and creative solutions can get your business booming.


From SEO and web development to digital-focused creative and content, our digital toolbox works seamlessly across your business to deliver amazing results.


We are certified strategists that can help you uncover and implement new insights that will drive new growth for your hotel business.


Our experts know how to customize and incorporate the latest technology to help drive growth across every aspect of your operation.

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  • The #1 OTA Strategy for Hotels Doesn’t Include OTAs (Sort of)

    The #1 OTA Strategy for Hotels Doesn’t Include OTAs (Sort of)

    The best OTA strategy for hotels doesn’t include OTAs. Well, sort of. In many cases, leveraging OTAs to be a complimentary piece of your hotel’s overall goals is necessary. However, if you’re looking to build more direct bookings and revenue, and avoid paying costly commission fees to Kayak, Trivago, Expedia, and countless other OTAs, you’re […]

  • TravelBoom Releases 2022 Leisure Travel Trends Study

    TravelBoom Releases 2022 Leisure Travel Trends Study

    Study Reveals Customers Rapidly Changing Travel Habits Myrtle Beach, S.C., August 22, 2022 — TravelBoom, the leading data-driven digital marketing agency for hotels, resorts, and vacation rental companies, released its annual leisure travel trends study after recently surveying more than 2,000 travelers in 2022. The results reveal startling changes in the travel planning and booking […]

  • These 10 Things Are Probably Broken With Your Hotel’s Marketing

    These 10 Things Are Probably Broken With Your Hotel’s Marketing

    Hotel marketing is an incredibly complex web of tools, programs, sites, and third-party systems.  In order for your marketing to work at it’s potential all systems must be functioning, and when you built them… they did.  Unfortunately over time things break, stop working, change or are simply just forgotten.  One of the oft-forgotten aspects of a great hotel marketing effort is going back and checking what you “think” is working great.  When you do this, you’ll more than likely find that what you thought was a fine-tuned marketing machine is in dire need of some maintenance.

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