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For a hotel to be successful, it must provide unique and engaging content on its website. The hotel website must also be blazing fast, have a great user experience, be mobile-friendly, and must be optimized for all of the latest search engine algorithm updates.

TravelBoom provides a wide array of search engine optimization strategies and tactics to ensure that a hotel website shows up near the top of the SERP. This includes benchmarking, copywriting, competitor identification & analysis, technical SEO, local SEO, and everything in between. TravelBoom focuses on increasing your hotel’s search engine rankings for brand and broad terms.

The Six Steps to Great Search Rankings For Hotels

Achieving great search rankings for your hotel is possible. But to do so, you have to have authoritative content, a fast, mobile-friendly site, and all your fundamentals in place. The six steps below are what TravelBoom’s certified professionals focus on to ensure you reduce your reliance on OTAs and drive more direct bookings.

Keyword Research

Selecting the right keywords is the first step in creating a successful Hotel SEO campaign. Your property should target the keywords that are actually being used by your prospective guests. By carefully evaluating which keywords are most relevant, have the most search volume, and yield the highest revenue, TravelBoom will work with you to determine which pages within your hotel’s website should target the selected keywords. Learn more about the keyword research process for hotels here.

Technical Site Audit

While your hotel should never chase the Google algorithm, there is a lot of wisdom in the notion of staying up to date from a technical perspective. At TravelBoom, we spend a lot of time learning about how Google and the other search engines crawl and index your hotel’s website. Ensuring that the site is optimized to take advantage of the latest updates is a critical step to SEO success. Learn more about performing a technical website audit here.

Link Building & Outreach

In the world of organic search ranking, inbound links are equivalent to votes of endorsement. It’s not just about the number of votes your hotel gets, it’s also about the quality and recency of those votes. The more reputable a website is, the more value there is in that link. TravelBoom will devise a strategy to help you build content that earns high-quality links and social shares and will also help distribute that content and solicit more interest and more links through proactive outreach to relevant sources. Learn more about link building for hotels here.

Competition Monitoring

Understanding where your hotel stacks up against the competition is always good practice. Taking that one step further, TravelBoom can analyze and monitor what other properties in your area are doing, what content they are creating, what links they are earning, and where they’re ranking. By leveraging the information from this tactic, your hotel can gain a competitive advantage and dominate the SERP.

Content Creation & Monitoring

Your hotel may have the prettiest website in the world, but without great content, it will not be found on search engines. TravelBoom will work with you and your internal staff to ensure that your property’s unique qualities are reflected in your website content. The content should be fresh, engaging and written with your hotel’s unique voice. Whether we write the content, or you write it yourself, we will always ensure that every page on your site is fully optimized for your target keywords. Learn more about creating killer website content here.

Reporting & Analysis

Setting goals and keeping track of SEO success is critical. It’s not just about the rankings, it’s about inbound links, the quality & attainability of the keywords, what changes have occurred on the SERP, and how all of this relates to your other marketing efforts. Ultimately, the success of your hotel SEO campaign will be measured by ROI. TravelBoom provides frequent reports as to how much revenue you are generating from organic search engine optimization.

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