Is Your Hotel Ready To Navigate Economic Uncertainty?

From COVID-19 To Economic Uncertainty. Your Hotel Can Thrive In The Face of Adversity

Global health concerns, monetary uncertainty, economic shifts… These all create points of conflict in a potential guest’s head and that must be overcome to nudge them to make a booking at your hotel or resort.  But what can an independent hotelier do to combat a chaotic world?  Fuel Travel, along with our friends at The Guest Book, have surveyed thousands of guests to provide a unique insight into what you can do to ensure your hotel has a bullet-proof plan to succeed.

Actionable Tools To Succeed, Including:

  • Using added value to help guests make decisions
  • How you can diversify your traffic sources
  • Using your local market to fill soft periods
  • Leverage soft periods to make property improvements
  • Why you should think twice before cutting your marketing

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Insights Preview

Diversify Your Traffic Sources

Another aspect that hoteliers should not overlook is attempting to promote themselves directly on channels where OTAs have a presence. This not only includes placing ads on travel sites such as TripAdvisor, but also includes focusing on increasing visibility on Google, Bing and META search sites like Google and Kayak. To ensure optimal performance when competing against OTAs on these channels, hoteliers should be selective on the types of inventory that they push out to OTAs, and instead should leverage more popular items for their own marketing campaigns in order to entice guests into booking directly. Following such a strategy can maximize a hotel’s ability to capture bookings independently of OTAs by outbidding them or by optimizing ads to appear above OTA-sponsored content.