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November 16, 2022

TravelBoom Case Studies Show The Power of Metasearch

Myrtle Beach, S.C., November 14, 2022 — TravelBoom, the leading data-driven digitalmarketing agency for hotels, resorts, and vacation rental companies, has released a new case study on hotel metasearch after successful campaigns with InTown Suit...

August 22, 2022

TravelBoom Releases 2022 Leisure Travel Trends Study

Study Reveals Customers Rapidly Changing Travel Habits Myrtle Beach, S.C., August 22, 2022 — TravelBoom, the leading data-driven digital marketing agency for hotels, resorts, and vacation rental companies, released its annual leisure travel tren...
Social Media Marketing For Your Hotel

July 1, 2022 · Alyssa Fate

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Hotels

In a day and age where consumers are living in a digital-driven society, the importance of social media marketing for hotels continues to grow exponentially. This inexpensive marketing resource provides a platform for you to be authentic, share yo...

June 9, 2022 · Pete DiMaio

Disaster Planning Communications Guide For Hotels

You may have heard about the 6 P’s of being prepared, “Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” From a hoteliers perspective the 6 P’s mean creating a plan how your organization will react in times of a trouble.In a disaster yo...
Online hotel booking and travel planning

April 27, 2022 · Jeremy Razook

The Evolution of Google Hotel Search Results

It’s a known fact that Google has goals of becoming the complete funnel for many of the searches and transactions we make online. They’ve already made great strides with their airline system and they have their sights squarely aligned wit...