Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 246 – How Hotels Should Be Using Social Media

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Good day hoteliers and welcome to episode 246 of the Hotel Marketing Podcast. Hotels have struggled for years to find the right way to engage guests and drive revenue through social media channels. Today we’re going to make it easy for you with strategies for both paid and organic success.

For us to give hoteliers the best possible way to engage their potential guests on Facebook, Instagram, and other channels we’ll need some expert voices.  That’s why we have our very own Olivia Clifton on the show today!  Along with Olivia, we have Alyssa and Jeremy.

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How Hotels Can Succeed With Social Media

Olivia has put together a great article at detailing how hotels should be using social media at

Organic Social Media

  • Keep your content mobile-friendly
  • Authenticity is the most important aspect of social media
  • Monitor and engage beyond just your profiles
  • Interact with posts your hotel is tagged in

Paid Social Media

Social Media Ideas for Hotels

  1. Share a live feed of events that happen at your hotel
  2. Showcase amenities or room tours at your property
  3. Suggest nearby things to do
  4. Highlight upcoming events happening nearby
  5. Post unique, high-quality photographs
  6. Share positive guest reviews
  7. Create giveaways or contests
  8. Make use of user-generated content (UGC)

Read 50 awesome social media tips for hotels here:

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