March 20, 2017 · Meisha Bochicchio

The Best Facebook Ad Formats For Hotels

Facebook Marketing for Hotels is essential for any successful online marketing campaign – most marketers have figured this out by now (we hope). Where Facebook fits into the overall marketing puzzle, however, can still be a challenge.
The key to mastering your Facebook Advertising skills lies in understanding your primary goals and objectives and how Facebook ads can help you achieve these.
Facebook offers a wide array of ad types and formats, making it easy to not only hone in on your target audience but also to reach them at the right time in the conversion funnel.
Let’s take a look at some of the Facebook ad formats and how they can help your hotel succeed online:

Facebook Page Like Ads

The primary goal of “page like” ads is just that – to acquire more page likes.
Key things to remember about page like ads include:

  • Size isn’t everything
  • Targeting is everything

Acquiring likes for the sake of having more page likes is a great way to kill your engagement rate and organic reach. It’s no secret that organic reach has been on the decline for quite some time now, for several reasons. With more publishers and users joining the social network every single day combined with Facebook’s attempts to provide a better user experience, reach and engagement metrics have eroded substantially.
One of the many factors that goes into Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is engagement. If you publish a post and your fan base is actively engaging with and sharing your content, that content will organically reach a larger audience base. However, if you publish flat content that never gains any engagement momentum then Facebook will slowly stop showing your posts as much.
But wait – we are talking about paid Facebook ads – so why am I talking about organic reach? Because – buying unqualified Facebook likes just to have a larger audience will essentially kill your engagement rates for your page content thus further diluting your organic reach.
Facebook offers tons of targeting options that can be layered to reach very specific niches, making it easy to reach the exact demographic that will be genuinely interested in what you have to say. And, these advanced targeting methods also make it easy to match specific ad copy to your specific audiences.
Creating small, focused audiences and serving them hyper-focused ads is a surefire way to ensure that the people you are reaching are interested in your brand and will actively engage with your content.
This general rule of thumb applies to any and all ad types.
Be sure to check out Facebook’s Guide to Organic Reach for any other questions you might have about how the algorithm works and how to use ads effectively.
Facebook Page Like Ad Specifications

  • Headline: 25 Characters
  • Ad Text: 90 Characters
  • Thumbnail Image: 1,200 x 675 pixels
  • *Thumbnail image may not include more than 20% text
  • Video: H.264 video compression, high profile preferred,
  • Video Format:  .mp4 container ideally with leading mov atom, no edit lists
  • Video Length: 45 minutes max 

Ad Placement Options

  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Right Column

Facebook “Like” Ads For Hotels
Below are examples of highly successful page “like” ads that we have run for clients:

This ad for Crown Reef Resort puts their 4-story oceanfront waterpark front, a unique and popular amenity that they offer, front and center.
TIP: Use high quality images that showcase unique property amenities or upgraded rooms and features.

This Facebook “like” ad for Captain’s Quarters Resort highlights their generous outdoor amenities, an important hotel feature for this family friendly resort.
TIP: Always make sure your pictures are centered and are cropped appropriately if they exceed the recommended dimensions.

Facebook Page Promoted Posts

Page post engagement ads are a great way to increase the reach of your page’s content. Additionally, promoting a post allows you to reach an audience that has not already expressed an interest in your page through advanced targeting.
Note: Promoting a post is different than “boosting” a post.
The “page boost” option is presented as an option at the bottom of every post that you publish on your business Facebook page. Though both options (promoted posts and boosted posts) essentially do the same thing, promoted posts, available as an option exclusively through the Facebook ads center, offers more targeting options, more Facebook bidding models, and the ability to use a conversion tracking pixel which are helpful if you are driving traffic to your website.
The primary goal of running a boosted post ad is to reach a larger audience.
Targeting can be applied to the post to reach a more focused audience and you can choose to reach only people who have liked your page already, a mix of current and potential page fans, or people who are not current page fans.
Any type of post can be promoted – status updates, photos, videos, and offers.
Promoted posts can be run with virtually any budget and for any length of time. Facebook provides a handy tool that will let you see estimated reach based on your budget and estimated run time.
Boosted posts are particularly helpful from a hotel perspective to increase the reach of important property news, like the announcement of new renovations or new amenities, or to help spread the word about a new giveaway or promotion.
Facebook Promoted Post Ad Specifications

  •  Headline: N/A
  • Ad Text: N/A
  • Thumbnail Image: 1,200 x 675 pixels
  • *Thumbnail image may not include more than 20% text

Ad Placement Options

  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Right Column

Facebook “Promoted Post” Ads For Hotels
Here are several examples of successful Facebook Promoted Post Ads that we have run for clients:

This promoted post for Palace Resort advertises a promotion that they were running for a free 4 day / 3 night stay at the hotel. The primary goal with this campaign was to increase the property’s email list size.
TIP: Use promotions or giveaways to entice email signups and post engagement.

This promoted post for Beach Colony Resort was part of a “Cyber Weekend” campaign the hotel ran for Black Friday – Cyber Monday. The primary goal of this campaign was to push direct sales.
TIP: Use marketing psychology principles, like creating a sense of urgency, to help spark sales.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Lead generation ads launched in 2015 and have become a great way for hotels to acquire high quality leads, either for an email database or for reservation requests.
As a true “top of funnel” ad type, combining this format with strategic targeting is a great way to reach potential guests before they have decided on a hotel.
Lead Generation Ad Specifications

  • Ad Headline: 25 Characters
  • Ad Text: 90 Characters
  • Thumbnail Image: 1,200 x 628 pixels
  • Link Description: 30 Characters

Optional Call to Action Choices

  • Subscribe
  • Sign Up
  • Learn More
  • Apply Now
  • Download
  • Get Quote

When creating the ad, you will be able to create a form for visitors to submit. The form wizard is very easy to use and includes a plethora of options on different types of information to collect. Try to create a balance of collecting valuable information without overwhelming the guest with fields. All information on the form will auto-populate with the information listed on Facebook, though the visitor will be able to edit the information provided. All information collected will be stored on Facebook and will be available as a download for you to easily upload to your email or marketing platforms.
For hotels, consider grabbing the first and last name, email address, date of birth, phone number, city and state. Also, be sure to clearly communicate what type of list the potential guest is signing up for. For example, promote deals and discounts via an email newsletter list or communicate a free vacation quote via a travel planner.
More questions about Facebook Lead ads? Check out the Facebook help center for more information on this ad type.
Facebook Lead Generation Ads For Hotels
Here are a few examples of lead generation ads that we have successfully run in the past:

The ads above ran for two Myrtle Beach resorts, Crown Reef and Captain’s Quarters. Each ad features an enticing, high quality image that highlights one of the resort amenities and clearly communicates what the visitor can expect by joining the email list.
TIP: Test different form fields to find the sweet spot of information and length. The more info you can collect, the better, but be wary of asking for too much too soon.

Facebook Website Click Ads

Looking to drive more traffic directly to your hotel website? If so, website click ads are the way to go.
These ads are short, sweet, and to the point and are a great way to get new eyes on the prize – your hotel website or hotel booking engine.
Facebook Website Click Ad Specifications

  • Headline: 25 Characters
  • Ad Text: 90 Characters
  • Link Description: 30 Characters
  • Thumbnail Image: 1,200 x 675 pixels
  • *Thumbnail image may not include more than 20% text

Website Click Call To Action Options

  • Shop Now
  • Book Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Download

The prime opportunity with website click ads is the ability drive traffic directly to a specials page or booking engine, depending on how aggressive you want your campaign to be. Combine these campaigns with a Facebook conversion-tracking pixel to monitor success and optimize the campaigns accordingly. Further, improve your success by testing different ad copy varieties with different call-to-action buttons to help you hone in on which combinations drive the most engagement and revenue.
Facebook recently rolled out a new website click ad format – “multi-product” ads or ad carousel. This ad format is unique in that one can include up to six unique images with unique descriptions and website links that are presented in a scrolling carousel format. You can also select an option for these ads to “auto-optimize” which will let Facebook determine which images are performing better and put those towards the beginning of the image set.
Facebook Website Click Ads For Hotels
Below are a few examples of successful Website Click Ads for Facebook that we have run for clients:

This website click ad that we ran for Sea Watch Resort promoted a giveaway that the property ran for a free 4 night stay in one of their oceanfront condos.
TIP: Giveaways and contests are great ways to engage fans and collect email addresses for future communications.

This website click ad that we ran for Landmark Resort promoted one of their summer deals, a 30% off summer rates offer.
TIP: Always showcase any deals, promotions, or offers front and center on your website and social channels – make people see what a deal they are getting by staying with and booking directly through you!

This multi-image website click ad that we ran for Crown Reef Resort showcased their brand new 4-story oceanfront waterpark. The waterpark recently launched a brand new website section and each panel of the ad featured a different image that linked to a different portion of the waterpark webpage.
TIP: These ads are perfect for driving different guests to different portions of your website. Use this to your advantage and test different images and pages to maximize your ROI.

Facebook Offer Claim Ads
 Offer claim ads can help your hotel spread awareness of a current deal or promotion. The ads themselves default to a “get offer” call to action and the user is emailed the offer upon clicking on the ad.
Offers inherently have a start and end date and terms and conditions that you can fill in to provide rules and restrictions.
Running an offer trough the ad manager differs from just boosting an offer that you post directly to your hotel Facebook page in the control and targeting options that you have and is the preferred method for the best control, particularly for targeting outside of your current audience base.
 Facebook Offer Claim Ad Specifications

  •  Offer Title: 25 Characters
  • Offer Text: 90 Characters
  • Image Size: 1,200 x 628 Pixels
  • *Your image may not include more than 20% text

An interesting feature of this ad type is that Facebook provides social proof by telling you how many other people have already claimed the offer.
Hoteliers can use these ads to promote a current hotel deal or offers like “buy 3 nights, get 1 free”, “free breakfast with stay”, etc.
Facebook Offers Ads For Hotels
Below are a few examples of successful Facebook Offer Ads that we have run for clients:

This Facebook offer that we ran for hotel BLUE promoted a deal they ran that included a discounted rate and a free resort credit.
TIP: Always use a very strong offer for these and run tests on what works better – a dollar amount off offer versus a percentage off offer.

This Facebook offer we ran for Landmark Resort highlighted an offer they ran for a free resort credit with a booking of two nights or more.

TIP: Use “free” and other strong descriptive words whenever possible.

There you have it – the most popular and successful Facebook Ad formats for hotels.
Though this is not an exhaustive list of Facebook ad formats, these main five are the most successful specifically for hotels when it comes to reaching a hyper relevant audience and when it comes to increasing website traffic and conversions.


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