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80 Social Media Post Ideas For Hotels

Social media is an important part of your hotel marketing strategy. It has evolved more rapidly than any other marketing platform in history and things show no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

As a hotel, the thought of establishing a social media presence from the ground up can be daunting. Where does one even get started? And, even for seasoned social media pros, concocting creative and engaging social content can seem exhausting.

Well, fret no more. We collaborated internally and with several of our hotel social media clients to compile a complete list of social media post ideas. No, not every single idea will resonate well with every single audience on every single platform. However, these ideas will make it much easier to fill in your content calendar throughout the year with engaging content that is relevant to your hotel and your audience.


80 Social Media Post Ideas For Hotels

1. Questions (Ask Non-Rhetorical Questions)

2. Answer FAQ

Facebook Engagement Post
Facebook Fan Question Post by The Caravelle

3. Surveys

4. Polls

5. Property Shared Travel Tips & Tricks

6. Guest Shared Travel Tips & Tricks

7. Property Trivia

8. Area Trivia

9. Submit Vacation Images

10. Name Our New… Menu Item, Specialty Drink, Kid’s Club, etc

11. Ideas For New… Menu Items, Property Features, Activities, etc

12. Best Selfie At Our Property

13. Favorite Hotel Food/Drink

14. Favorite Part of Vacation

15. Family Picture At Favorite Area Attraction

16. Property Scavenger Hunt

17. Vacation Diary Post or Video

(These are all fantastic ideas to engage your audience, fans, and potential guests. When it comes to social media the goal is always to get people to engage with your content!)

18. Area Events Near Property

19. Holiday Posts/Specials/Events In The Area

20. Area Attractions & Dining

21. Positive Media About Destination

22. Facts About Destination

(Area/Destination content is a great way to entice those coming to vacation at your property or those on the fence. This also a great opportunity to partner with local businesses on deals and special packages!)

23. Hotel News

24. Charity Events & Involvement

The Caravelle Resort Proudly Supports The American Cancer Society.

25. Renovations or Upgrades

26. Staff/Employee Highlights

27. Facts About Hotel/Property

28. Behind The Scenes

29. Property Pictures

(The above area all property-generated social media ideas. Assign these items to a team member that can pull this type of content together consistently.)

30. Guest Reviews

31. Guest Pictures

32. Guest Stories

33. Guest Special Events (Weddings, Reunions, Special Occasions, etc)

34. Check-Ins

(These are all great suggestions for user-generated content and again getting your guests to engage is always a strong social proof you need to gain new guests!)

35. Room Tours

36. Amenities Tour or Features

37. Dining Tour

38. Hotel Events

39. Guest Interviews

40. Guest Testimonials

41. Event Space Tour

42. Special Event (Weddings, Reunions, Special Occasions, etc)

43. On-Property Events (Conferences, Property Celebrations, etc)

44. “Hotel Minute” – Quick Weekly Update

45. Bartender Demonstration/Tip

46. Chef Recipe/Demonstration/Tip

(These social media ideas all work great when you turn them into videos! Use the whole video or snippets of the video to entice people to watch and engage.)

47. Amenity Pages

48. Rooms Pages

49. Newsletter

50. Specific Specials & Packages

51. Event Space Features & Amenities

52. Catering Menu

53. Restaurant/Bar Menu

54. Blogs

55. Loyalty Program Information

56. Local Discount Program Information

57. Chef’s Recipe

58. Mixologist Recipe

(Don’t forget to repurpose the content from your website as social media content with the ideas above. Not only is this a great way to post consistently, but it will also help rank and index your website pages.)

59. Guest Photo Or Video Submissions

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 5.13.06 PM
Photo Caption Content by The Caravelle.

60. Trivia

61. “Like” & “Share”

62. Tag Friends

63. Photo Caption Contest

64. Best Fan Sign

65. Room Giveaway

(These ideas are all based on contest and giveaway ideas that you could use to grow your audience and even email list when you run them in tandem with Facebook Ads.)

66. #MondayBlues

67. #TravelTuesday

68. #WineWednesday

69. #WeddingWednesday

70. #WayBackWednesday

71. #ThrowbackThursday

72. #FlashbackFriday

73. #SundayFunday

(Weekly hashtags like these can help build consistency when posting on social media and are great for getting your content seen!)

74. Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live Video Post
Facebook Live Video From Caravelle Pool Deck – Fire & Hula Show.

75. Panoramic Images & Videos

76. Twitter Polls

77. Facebook Polls

78. Layout

79. Boomerang

80. Ripl

(Build content based around these fun apps and their unique features.)

There you have it – 80 Social Media Post ideas for hotels. Special thanks to The Caravelle Resort for letting us share your awesome content! Check out their Facebook page for more examples of content discussed above.


Quick Social Media Tips

Now that you have a good sense of what your content could look like when it comes to social media, let’s look at a few general tips and tricks when considering your messaging across social media platforms. Don’t have the time to read this article? Have a listen to the Hotel Marketing Podcast Episode 123 – Hotel Marketing 101: The Top 3 Things You Should Be Doing On Social Media.

Not All Channels Are Created Equal

Gone are the days when one could simply copy and paste posts across multiple channels or even link everything to a Facebook feed. Each channel now has defined nuances, functionality, and audiences that need to be taken into consideration. Your Instagram audience is likely much different than your Twitter or Facebook audience. Develop a solid understanding of not only how to most effectively use each platform but also of who your audience is in each scenario.

Understand Your Core Audience

One great way to get a feel for who you true page audience is is to look at your page analytics or insights.

  • Facebook – Insights located along the top navigation of your page manager screen
  • Twitter – Twitter analytics are located in the profile drop-down menu (
  • Instagram – Instagram Insights are located on the top right-hand corner of the platform screen 
Facebook Insights Demographics


Stick To Brand Standards

Maintaining a consistent image across all social media platforms is key. Make sure that your brand has established brand standards and social media guidelines and that everyone on your social media team is well acquainted with internal procedures. Also be sure that you have a well-developed crisis management plan in action in case of an emergency.

Make Sure Entire Profile Is Complete With Up To Date Information

 This should be a no-brainer. Make sure all profile fields are complete and up to date for your hotel. This includes page name, property description, website links, phone number, hours, etc. You will also want to be sure your page is verified (if possible) and that you have a custom URL.

Set Realistic Goals Based on Pre-Determined KPIs

Having a social media presence is great, but how do you measure success? What key performance indicators (KPIs) are most important for your hotel? What are your social media goals? All of these are questions that should be asked and answered early on when developing your social media strategy.

Interact With Fans & Reviewers

Having an active social media page but ignoring questions and comments is like having a store and ignoring customers that are trying to interact with your cashier. Social media is just that – social. Interact with page fans by answering questions and responding to questions, reviews, and private messages.

Be Genuine

Another important part of social media management is to maintain authenticity. Show your brand personality throughout posts and interactions and use a more casual, natural tone. Additionally, do not automatically delete negative responses and feedback. A squeaky-clean page can look suspicious unless it matches similar experiences on other platforms. Rather, respond to any negativity in a polite and timely manner and attempt to take the conversation offline. We like to recommend the “good, bad, ugly” rule. Keep the good and the bad but not the ugly. Any page content that is offensive or harmful should be flagged and removed.

80 / 20 Rule

Like many things in life, the 80 / 20 rule also applies to self-promotion on social media. 80% of the time you should be encouraging page engagement, sharing relevant content (perhaps about your hotel destination, travel tips, etc.), sharing user-generated content, and being genuinely helpful in any way possible. The other 20% of the time you can push hotel deals and promotions, positive reviews, etc. No one likes to be sold and people certainly didn’t express interest in your page because they want their newsfeed clogged with pushy pitches.

Don’t Forget To Test!

Testing is an essential element of any marketing campaign and basic testing principles can also be applied to your social media campaigns. Experiment with different post types, posting different times of the day, using page post targeting to test different audiences – the options are nearly limitless. And don’t forget to also test with your paid social media campaigns as well!

PS – Check out our free Guide to AB Testing

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