Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 37- Kick Off The Year With These Hotel Marketing Resolutions

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We recently wrote a blog post, entitled Top 10 Resolutions Your Hotel Should Really Be Making in 2017, in which we compared real-world resolutions to the types of habit that hotel marketers and hotel marketing agencies should be adopting. In this episode, we recap the list and give some additional insights as only your Fueligan friends can. The original article can be found at https://www.travelboommarketing.com/blog/top-10-resolutions-hotel-really-making-2017/


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Show Notes:

Original article: https://www.travelboommarketing.com/blog/top-10-resolutions-hotel-really-making-2017/

  1. Stay fit and healthy  = Analytics and Rate Parity
  2. Lose weight =  Cutting down site load time, image sizes, etc.
  3. Enjoy life to the fullest =  Show your personality in your content and focus on your strengths
  4. Spend less, save more  = Stop wasting money on ineffective marketing.
  5. Spend more time with family and friends = Focus on the guest, embrace guest reviews and leverage user-generated content.
  6. Get organized = Have a marketing strategy and a content calendar
  7. Will not make any resolutions  =  Test and track everything and eliminate the guesswork
  8. Learn something new/new hobby  = Have 15-20% of your budget dedicated to new marketing endeavors. (Google Hotel Ads, apps, VR, Snapchat, something)
  9. Travel more  = Stay at competitive properties and keep an eye on what they are doing with their marketing.
  10. Read more    12% – enjoy the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast and our favorite news sources…

Some of our favorite sources for information:

    • Tnooz.com – a great hotel news aggregator as well as producer of custom content.  We spend time here daily.
    • HotelMarketing.com – a hotel news aggregator that links to hotel articles, tech sites, hotel press releases and more. A little bland to look at but a wealth of information.
    • Hotel-online.com – This is a good site for property specific news such as acquisitions, DMO data, and general market trends.
    • HotelNewsNow.com – Ready to really get into the hotel weeds? This site looks at global hotel trends, finance, and governmental changes that impact the travel market.  They do have a cool, “5 Things To Know” daily segment
    • Skift – Between the content and research on Skift.com and the fantastic Skift Podast, you’ll have more travel related data than you’ll ever use.  Their podcast is a staple here at Fuel.
    • The Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast – Really, did you think we would leave out the #1 hotel marketing podcast on iTunes?  Check out our past episodes and catch up on our extensive hotel article library right here.


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