Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 153 – Why Your COVID-19 Recovery Depends On Your Hotel CRM

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The United States is quickly reopening from the COVID-19 lockdowns and the pent-up demand by travelers is almost palpable. In the Myrtle Beach area alone we are seeing nearly 100% increases in daily revenue,. However, this is not a long term trend, this is a short correction of bookings due to the abbreviated booking window.

Today we are going to focus on your CRM system, what it must be able to do, and the immediate-action items for making the most out of your data to drive every booking you can in during a compressed booking window.

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Your CRM System Will Determine How (and if) Your Hotel Recovers From COVID-19


Part 1: Choosing The Right CRM System For Your Hotel

Having a great Customer Relationship Management system, and using it to its fullest, is going to decide who thrives, who just survives, and who doesn’t make it moving forward.  But what do you need to look for when choosing a great CRM?  Here’s what you need to know to pick a winner.

  1. PMS Integration
  2. Effective Delivery Platforms
  3. AI and Machine-Learning Tools For Targeting
  4. Reporting That Leads to Decisions
  5. Ease of Use


Part 2: A CRM Game Plan For Hotel Marketing Success

After selecting the right CRM it becomes time to actually use the system to engage your potential guests and drive more bookings.  Below you will find a step by step guide to using your hotel’s CRM system to its full potential.

Start With A Plan

In our scenario, we have an incredibly high demand for travel in a short window of time.  We know our potential guests are shopping, booking, and traveling within just a few weeks.  This means whoever gets to them first has a defined advantage in converting them into a guest.

  • Communicate the four key messages: positive/good news, safety, worry-free decisions, great value.
  • Ensure your site conveys the above message
  • Craft the campaigns in your CRM to proactively engage your potential guests with the same message

Execute The Plan

The first thing to keep in mind here is marketing via your CRM is about engaging those who you know are already interested, even slightly, in your property.  Personalization is the name of the game.  These five strategies will help you put your CRM to work and drive your bookings:

  1. Engage Your Lost Bookings
  2. Connect With Past Years’ Guests
  3. Ramp Up Your Communications With Your Permission Marketing Lists
  4. Engage Your Site Visitors
  5. Turbocharge Your Paid And Social Campaigns


In Conclusion, Your CRM Is Your Ticket To Post-Crisis Success

Surviving and thriving in this post-crisis world is going to mean using the tools you have in the best way possible. Your CRM system is going to be the backbone of your success and using it to the fullest will help you spend your marketing dollars more effectively, spend your time more efficiently, and attract guests more aggressively.



In The Newsaroos:     

  • Disney is planning to open its parks in early July but is opening its retail outlets now.


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