Hotel Marketing Podcast Episode 219 – 5 Social Media Tips For Hotels + 3 Things to Always Avoid

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On today’s episode of the Hotel Marketing Podcast we are diving in to one of the most popular articles we have ever written, In this article we lay out everything a hotel needs to do to win at the social media marketing for hotels game. Since this is such a big article we are going to look at just the top 5 social media tips for hotels and share a few things to avoid.

5 Social Media Tips

  • #1: Understand Your Core Audience
  • #2: Stick To Your Brand Standards, But Embrace What Makes Each Platform Unique
  • #3: Make Sure Your Profile Is Complete
  • #4: Interact With Your Fans/Followers and Be Genuine
  • #5: Make a Calendar and Make Sure Your Team Knows About It

3 Social Media Mistakes Never Do This!

  • #1: Stop being redundant.
    Facebook’s algorithm can work against you if you post twice (or more) in one day or even post every single day. If your posts are too similar, Facebook may view them as spam.
  • #2: Never Break the 80/20 Rule
    Like many things in life, the 80 / 20 rule also applies to self-promotion on social media. 80 percent of the time you should be encouraging page engagement, sharing relevant content and being genuinely helpful. Save the remaining 20 percent for partnerships, promotions and positive reviews.
  • #3: Don’t ghost your fans/followers
    Yes, there’s Truth Social, Rumble, Facebook, MeWe, Tik Tok and tons of other social channels, however if you can’t manage them, don’t be on there! Only engage on channels you can actually effective monitor and use on a daily basis.   



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60 Seconds To Success:

Al Pacino has an incredible speech in the movie Any Given Sunday.  His team is down, time is running out, and he has to get his team motivated.  If you haven’t listened to the clip recently, I’ve got it included in our show notes.  Basically, football is a game of inches, an inch here, an inch there.  Each inch is what matters, not the yards, but each inch.  

The same is true for your hotel’s conversion rate.  There’s no 80 yard miracle plays, there’s just one fraction of a percent at a time.  But when you add a fraction of a percent each day, they stack, and you win.

Stop thinking about the big plays to revolutionize your site conversion rate and start thinking about those fractions of a percent.  1/10% improvement in site to engine conversion, 1/4% on mobile, 1/8% in your click through rate.  They all add up and they’re all achievable.  Start doing the little A/B tests that result in a small incremental improvement, but do lots of them.  From there, your competing hotels won’t stand a chance.


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