The Top 3 Things People want to Hear from Hotels Right Now

by Jeremy Razook

Before you send that exclusive offer for the umpteenth time to your entire email database, you’re going to want to read this.
Thanks to our latest consumer sentiment survey results we’ve identified the top things people want to hear from hotels right now. Staying in touch with guests on the topics they care about now will keep your hotel top-of-mind, as well as improve your hotel’s chances of more bookings now and during recovery.
These are the top things people want to hear from hotels right now:

What People Want to Hear From Hotels Right Now1. What the Property is Doing to Protect Guests

Since the third sentiment study was released at the beginning of May, travelers have made it clear that their safety is the highest priority regarding hotel outreach.
Travelers want to know that they’ll be safe staying at your hotel and as the hotelier, it’s your job to reduce the fears a potential guest might have by communicating new safety guidelines appropriately. We’ve seen several of our clients create dedicated pages on their websites that outline newly instituted policies and safety protocols aimed at protecting guests. We’ve even seen bookings come through these pages, reaffirming that people are going to feel much safer about booking when they know what to expect at your hotel.

2. Packages and Specials for Future Stays

Speaking of that exclusive offer you were planning to send, it’s worth noting that “packages and specials for future stays” was a close second for our question. Plan accordingly and reach the people that are likely to be more interested in hearing about any new deals now. People that booked but canceled or reconnecting with guests that stayed in the past year are a good place to start. Using the right CRM will make this process much easier.

3. How the Coronavirus is Affecting the Local Area

People want to know what to expect not only at your hotel but also around the area. Are the beaches closed? Is a curfew in place? What attractions will be open when I arrive? Wherever your hotel, these types of questions are very important to people looking to travel to your destination in the near future.
Additionally, keep guests informed with local mask ordinances, curfews, and social-distancing guidelines that are applicable to your area.

Bonus: The Property’s COVID-19 Response Plan

Lastly, your hotel should have a plan in place that aims to protect guests and staff. A clear organized strategy that details new safety protocols, check-in/check-out procedures, and so forth will be a positive endorsement among travelers. Include these procedures on a dedicated webpage, include procedures in your emails, and update ad callouts with these new guidelines.

What You Can Do Right Now:

  • Message your email database with important information regarding guest safety at your hotel.
  • Create a dedicated webpage that details new hotel safety/cleaning procedures and booking policies. Make the page easy to find on your website.
  • Place callouts throughout your website that include a link to your hotel safety webpage.
  • Update ad copy to reflect new hotel safety procedures and booking/cancellation policies.
  • Keep guests informed about the amenities and services that are and aren’t available at your hotel and include new safety guidelines if applicable.
  • Keep guests informed about the local attractions and businesses that are open and current local ordinances like masks.
  • Respond to questions guests may be asking in your Google My Business listing. You can also use this space to feed any relevant questions that pertain to new cleaning guidelines and booking/cancellation policies.
  • Add new safety measures to your Tripadvisor listing.


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