Crisis Recovery Checklist for Hotels

by Alyssa Fate

Preparing for a Coronavirus Comeback

Navigating a pandemic can be difficult. However, you can rest assured knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve put together a crisis recovery checklist to ensure you’re prepared to rebound quickly.

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Update Your Paid Ads:

If your paid ads are paused, you may have already audited and updated your campaigns. If not, you’ll want to ensure that your Google and Microsoft Ads ad copy and extensions are up to date with accurate information and that your messaging is in line with your current efforts.



Update Local Listing Information:

Whether you use an aggregator tool or manage your online business directories manually, you’ll want to update any information that may have changed during the crisis period. This can include hours of operation or closure messaging across important online local listings like Google My Business, Bing Places, Facebook and more.



Update TripAdvisor:

If you marked your property as temporarily closed on TripAdvisor, be sure to revert it. Click here to learn how.



Update Website Messaging:

Did you make website updates during the crisis period to communicate new policies to your guests? You’ll want to ensure that dedicated COVID-19 pages, web banners or pop-ups, policy pages, booking software notices, FAQ answers, blog posts and anything else that has been changed is reverted or updated to reflect the most up-to-date information.
*If you added photography that highlights housekeeping, there is no need to remove it immediately.



Spread the Word:

Keep your past and potential guests informed about updated policies, hours and more. Let them know you’re open and ready for business through email, social media, SMS messaging or your mobile app.
Not taking advantage of SMS messaging or a customized mobile app? TravelBoom can help! Learn more about our software solutions that allow you to connect directly with guests when time matters most.
*Don’t forget your crew! It is imperative that your entire staff is also up to speed on your plans for recovery, current messaging, policies and more.



Communicate with Local DMOs and Portal Sites:

Look to authoritative sources for their take on how they are handling post-crisis messaging. This will help guarantee that your recovery marketing efforts are in-line with destination messaging as a whole.



Develop Your Own Strategic Marketing Campaigns:

Work with your marketing team to create appropriate messaging for post-crisis promotions. Ensure the guest is your first priority when crafting new campaigns. Ask yourself: What would I want to hear / What would make me comfortable traveling right now?


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