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Who is your best guest? What do they want and need from your hotel? At TravelBoom, we uncover both insights and your best customers. We do this by leveraging data to help eliminate guesswork from all aspects of your business. See how our strategic, digital, and creative solutions can get your business booming.


From SEO and web development to digital-focused creative and content, our digital toolbox works seamlessly across your business to deliver amazing results.


We are certified strategists that can help you uncover and implement new insights that will drive new growth for your hotel business.


Our experts know how to customize and incorporate the latest technology to help drive growth across every aspect of your operation.

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  • concept of social media marketing and targeting

    Reach the Right Travelers: Facebook Targeting for Hotels

    Facebook ad campaigns can be highly effective for hotels – but your efforts are useless if you are not targeting the right audience. Learn top tactics for reaching the right travelers at the right time.

  • Rising Prices Have Some Travelers Taking Less Trips and Reconsidering Their Vacation Plans

    New leisure travel research from TravelBoom indicates that 30% of travelers could change their plans due to rising costs Myrtle Beach, S.C., April 26, 2022 — TravelBoom Marketing, the leading data-driven digital marketing agency for hotels, resorts and vacation rental companies, today releases the results of its latest research study on the impact of inflation […]

  • Online hotel booking and travel planning

    The Evolution of Google Hotel Search Results

    It’s a known fact that Google has goals of becoming the complete funnel for many of the searches and transactions we make online. They’ve already made great strides with their airline system and they have their sights squarely aligned with the hotel/travel space. Lets dive into what Google has done this year alone in setting the stage to become the Hotel Demogorgon (cue the spooky Stranger Things music).

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