ABCs of Testing For Hotels

The ABC of Testing For Hotels

How Smart Hotels Test and Grow

Why should we be testing our hotel website? Testing is a fantastic method (and practically the only method) of figuring out the best online marketing strategies for your hotel or travel business.  Well planned A/B testing can make a huge difference in your marketing efforts and creates advantages that far exceed the time investment. This guide walks you through the complete A/B/Cs of testing and is a must-read for savvy hotel marketers.

A Getting Started Guide

  • 26 tips to keep you from becoming overwhelmed when starting a new testing strategy
  • Learn the difference between split tests and multivariate tests
  • Understand how to interpret winning, losing, and inconclusive test results
  • Discover new tools and to help implement testing and build test hypotheses

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Hotel Marketing A/B Testing

Insights Preview

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing – sometimes called split testing or bucket testing – is the process of comparing two versions of a webpage, email, advertisement, or app to see which one performs better.

In an A/B test, two variants are shown to similar visitors at the same time to determine which produces a better conversion rate.

By monitoring revenue per visit, clicks, time on site and other key metrics, you can use this process to make informed marketing decisions that shift your conversations from “we think we are doing the right thing” to “we know we are doing the right thing… and this is why.”