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Increasing PPC Conversion Rate through Geotargeting

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A TravelBoom Marketing Case Study on Golden Sands Beach Resort

Geotargeting is a type of advertising that uses location data to reach consumers with messaging appropriate to their location.

Ensuring that your Pay Per Click ads are being delivered to the right people at the right time can mean the difference of earning a profit or barely breaking even.

TravelBoom sought to increase both conversion rate and ROAS of hotel PPC campaigns through the use of geotargeting for Golden Sands Beach Resort.

The results? An unprecedented increase in major KPIs.

The Details

Situation and Background

Golden Sands Beach Resort, a quaint Carolina Beach oceanfront hotel in North Carolina, was struggling in Google Ads with a low conversion rate and poor ROAS for branded campaigns.

After some investigation, TravelBoom found that this was due to intense competition from some of the top OTAs, causing a low search impression share – a metric measuring the percentage of impressions your ads receive compared to their potential impression volume. Combined with a more common resort name, the campaigns were receiving an increased number of unqualified clicks.

Key Factors

  • Increased OTA competition
  • Low search impression share
  • A resort name shared with a variety of other hotels and products

Our approach

TravelBoom sought to implement geotargeting for all of Golden Sands Beach Resort’s PPC campaigns. After reviewing the resort data, we performed the following updates to the account:

  • First, we added location qualifiers to all ads within the account to distinguish the North Carolina beach resort from others in the United States with a similar name.
  • Second, we took Golden Sands Beach Resort’s nationally-targeted brand campaign and narrowed the geotargeting to 12 of the top-revenue generating East Coast states surrounding the resort.
The Results

In the initial 30 days after the location targeting was narrowed compared to the period prior:

Increase in
Increase in
Increase in
Conversion Rate
Decrease in
Cost Per Conversion

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