How to Improve PPC Conversion Rate With Sitelink Extensions

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A TravelBoom Marketing Case Study on The Vendue

Pay per click ads have become more robust in recent years, offering a laundry list of ad extensions.

With up to six sitelink extensions available on desktop and eight on mobile, Google is giving you the opportunity to make it easier for your guests to find what they are searching for, and fast.

TravelBoom Marketing sought to improve the conversion rate of sitelink extensions for The Vendue Hotel.

The result? An unprecedented increase in major KPIs.

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Situation and Background

The Vendue Hotel, a boutique hotel in South Carolina, was looking for opportunities to improve their brand PPC performance.

After analyzing the account, TravelBoom Marketing found that this Charleston Historic District art hotel’s sitelink extension conversion rates from pay per click were suffering.

Key Factors: 

  • Test ran in Google Ads only
  • Test ran for 30 days

During the 30 days prior to any changes being made, the sitelink extensions saw a .70% conversion rate, 1 conversion, $809 in revenue and a 1213% ROAS.

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Using website data from Google Analytics, TravelBoom Marketing identified The Vendue Hotel’s top-converting pages.

Based on this information, TravelBoom Marketing created new sitelink extensions that highlighted the content of these pages, including:

  • “The Vendue Rooms & Suites” 
  • “Take 15% Off Your Stay”

These top-converting pages were also used as the landing pages for the new sitelink extensions. *Find out how TravelBoom Marketing can help you optimize your landing pages for increased success.

Sitelink extensions maximize ad space and drop users deeper into your website.

Results and Analysis

In the initial 30 days after being updated, the new sitelink extensions saw an 8.09% conversion rate (+1056%), 14 conversions (+1300%, 13 more bookings), $12,589 in revenue (+1456% for $11,779 more in revenue) and an 11523% ROAS (+850%) compared to the previous period.


Increase in Sitelink
Conversion Rate


Increase in Sitelink


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Sitelink extensions are an important component of any paid search campaign and should be used to bolster your paid search metrics. Using website data to help guide decision making for landing pages and ad copy is a great way to identify new opportunities and improve performance.

Learn more about PPC ad testing and how you can maximize your hotel’s return through pay per click ads.

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