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How to Increase CTR through Ad Copy Testing

How to Increase CTR through Ad Copy Testing

A TravelBoom Marketing Case Study on The Vendue

With ad space continuing to grow and evolve every day, it’s imperative that your ads stand out.

We’ve already highlighted How to Improve PPC Conversion Rate With Sitelink Extensions, and now we’re taking it one step further.

TravelBoom Marketing sought to increase CTR through ad copy testing for The Vendue Hotel.

The result? An unprecedented increase in major KPIs.

The Details

Situation and Background

The Vendue Hotel, a boutique art hotel in South Carolina, was looking for opportunities to improve their brand PPC performance.

TravelBoom Marketing analyzed the campaign by comparing the click-through rates of specific sitelink extensions. We found that one sitelink extension was underperforming and could potentially be improved through ad copy testing.

Key Factors

  • The landing page for the extension held a high organic conversion rate. By increasing the CTR of the ad, it was possible that we could also increase conversion rate.

Our approach

Using website data from Google Analytics, TravelBoom identified that the landing page for the sitelink extension held a high organic conversion rate.

Based on this information, we tested new ad copy that better highlighted the content of the page using urgency and scarcity.

  • “Hotel Offers & Extras” → “Get Special Deals”
The Results

During the initial two weeks after the change, the extension saw a 42% increase in click-through rate.

In addition to an increase in click-through rate, the sitelink extension produced two conversions (a 16% conversion rate) for a 34615% ROAS.

Through our test, TravelBoom was able to confirm the notion that using ad copy that is action-focused can lead to higher click-through rates, resulting in more chances to convert searchers.

Testing ad copy for extensions and testing new extensions are integral tactics to improve campaign performance.

Increase in Sitelink CTR
Sitelink CR
Sitelink ROAS

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