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Hotel metasearch engines, such as Google Hotel Ads (GHA), TripAdvisor, Trivago, and other systems, are fundamental tools for finding new guests and driving direct bookings. Smart hoteliers know that a commanding presence on metasearch means guests looking for your property won’t be lured away by Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) or other competitors.

TravelBoom has created partnerships and developed strategies that have a proven track record of success in helping independent hotels not only appear in metasearch but also deliver an impressive return.

We encourage hotel partners to participate in all channels that increase direct bookings and reduce reliance on OTAs. By adopting a rate strategy and offering incentives that encourage direct bookings, hoteliers can utilize channels such as Google Hotel Ads, Microsoft Hotel Ads, and TripAdvisor’s TripConnect that will place their hotel in a favorable light against competitors like Expedia,,, and others. Get your bookings back and regain market share back from these unnecessary middlemen. Learn more about why meta matters for hotels in this article.

Complete Campaign Management

TravelBoom’s meta campaigns are well thought out, well organized, and well documented. Once we understand your goals and budget, we handle the rest.

As with all of TravelBoom’s digital marketing services for hotels, our partners are able to accurately track performance. We provide frequent updates to our clients on campaign performance including impression share, revenue generated, conversion rate (CR), return on ad spend (ROAS), and more.

AI-Based Optimization

Metasearch is not the same as your typical hotel PPC campaign. To be able to compete with OTAs, maximize impressions, and drive the best possible ROAS, you need a little help in the form of AI and machine learning. A perfect example is how TravelBoom took an already successful meta campaign that was delivering a 900% ROAS and turned it into a 1400% ROAS in just 30 days. Can we deliver the same performance for your property? The answer is most likely yes.

Meta Beyond Google & TripAdvisor

Dozens of metasearch sites and engines exist, with more popping up every day. That means if a hotel only focuses on Google and TripAdvisor, they’re missing wide swaths of the market. TravelBoom’s program ensures direct booking exposure on Kayak, Trivago, and many other niche engines.

Brand Protection

OTAs have the ability to be omnipresent during a guest’s shopping and booking journey. Hotels need to be just as diligent, particularly as guests get further down the decision-making funnel. One of the best ways to protect your direct bookings is to appear alongside the OTAs or even suppress them entirely.

Demand Generation

Meta goes way beyond just harvesting bookings of the guests already interested in your property. Meta can drive new guests that don’t even yet know about your hotel or resort.

TravelBoom is able to target new customers through broad search/destination terms on Google Hotel Search and other services to help you grow your base and cultivate new guests.

Learn more about demand generation analysis for hotels.

Ready to Get Started?

Metasearch management for hotels can be complicated. Setup and implementation involve countless engines, rate feeds, bid multipliers, and budgets. TravelBoom takes the load off your shoulders and gives you a platform that will generate a consistently high ROAS, ensure you’re always visible to potential guests, and help suppress the OTAs so you can enjoy more direct bookings. Let’s get started!

Get A Free Personalized Metasearch Analysis

Meta can seem complex and we’re here to make it easier. TravelBoom can provide your hotel, resort, or group a complimentary analysis of your presence on the major Metasearch systems such as Google, Microsoft, Kayak, Trivago, and TripAdvisor. Request your no-strings-attached evaluation now and let us help you be a better hotelier.

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