Volume 13 & 14: COVID-19 Travel Consumer Sentiment Study

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COVID’s Second Wave Is Taking A Bite Out Of Travel Plans & Age Has A Major Factor

The Delta variant of COVID is eyeing the travel world once again and hoteliers should take notice. In the 13th & 14th editions of TravelBoom’s COVID-19 Travel Consumer Sentiment Study, we dig into the responses of nearly 2,000 leisure travelers to see exactly how the latest strain of COVID will impact upcoming travel.

Download the detailed analysis of the findings, along with observations and specific opportunities that arise from the results.

Travel Planning Behaviors Post-COVID

  • How many travelers are fully or partially vaccinated?
  • How does age impact vaccine mandates?
  • What do guests want to hear from hoteliers before making a booking?
  • What can hoteliers do, specifically, to engage their customers and drive occupancy?
  • The answer to our famous question, “I will travel when…” broken down by age group.

Insights Preview

Should you require proof of vaccination for your guests?

Possibly, but age is a significant factor in how your guest will react to being required to show personal health data prior to a visit. Only half of travelers under 40 are comfortable with a proof of vaccination. This number increases significantly, as travelers get older.

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