2022 Edition: Leisure Travel Trends Study

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Major Shifts In Traveler Behavior Revealed In The 2022 Leisure Travel Study

TravelBoom released the first major leisure travel trends study in 2019, a year before the pandemic. Today, a new study reveals how travelers have significantly shifted their vacation behavior due to COVID, rising prices, and an uncertain economy.

Download the detailed analysis of the findings, along with observations and specific opportunities that help you position your property at the top of customers’ minds.

Changing Trends Will Change Your Hotel’s Marketing Strategies

  • Skyrocketing increases in the percentages of bookings that may be canceled.
  • How you can leverage loyalty programs to build an energetic guest base.
  • The top property amenities that your guests are demanding in 2022.
  • Line-by-line comparisons between travel trends before and after COVID.
  • Six key takeaways that will help your hotel thrive in a declining economy.

Insights Preview

Are travelers considering canceling the vacations they have already booked?

Getting the reservation is just half the battle. You also must keep the reservation and the data suggests that may become more difficult. Over 1/3 of travelers who have already booked a vacation are actively considering canceling their plans due to rising costs.

Now is a perfect time to review your marketing automations to be sure your pre-arrival messages continue to inspire travel. Your pre-arrival messages should be selling the travel experience, offering value and upgrades, and amping up the traveler for an amazing trip.

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