Hotel Marketing Podcast Episode 233 – SEO Essentials: Your Guide to the Top 5 Strategies for Hotel Victory in 2023

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On this episode of the Hotel Marketing Podcast, we’re sharing five SEO strategies that can be implemented in 2023 that deliver results for savvy hoteliers from the recent article here.

Hotel SEO Strategy #1:

ChatGPT is an amazing tool that can revolutionize not just your organic search strategy, but all your marketing. However, it is not a silver bullet that you can use to solve all your marketing issues. If you use AI content to create spammy content you’re setting yourself up for failure. Learn more about ChatGPT and AI on episode 232 here.

Hotel SEO Strategy #2:

Site speed is a critical ranking factor in search and if your site is slow, you will not appear on the 1st-page results. A headless site is not all that different from a traditional site for the customer or the admin but makes revolutionary changes in how the site admin connects with the site front end. The result is a fast, secure, and search-friendly site that will propel your hotel site to the top. Learn more in this in-depth article.

Hotel SEO Strategy #3:

Answer all the questions your guests have ever asked and wrap those questions in the proper schema markup. This helps search engines identify the FAQ format and provide you with new positions on the search results page. More importantly, it is a great benefit to potential guests.

Hotel SEO Strategy #4:

Content is always going to be the cornerstone of a great hotel SEO plan, however, that content doesn’t need to only be about the property itself. Expanding your content to tangential topics can lead to great results in helping potential guests choose your property and search engines rank your site highly. Examples of this are content related to things to do in your location, area travel guides, and event articles. This content is relevant to your guests and creates an authoritative presence in search.

Hotel SEO Strategy #5:

Dominate the search engine results page (SERP) with a combined effort of paid search, organic rankings, metasearch positions, and featured snippets/info boxes. Similar to strategy #3 with schema markup, you can create great content that answers a guest’s questions. For example, the image below shows a search result for when to visit Myrtle Beach, SC. Our client in this case was able to own the top of the results page with a very well-written article addressing the question.

BONUS: Hotel SEO Strategy #6:

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BONUS: Hotel SEO Strategy #7:

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