Hotel Marketing Podcast Episode 200: Hospitality Questions Answered

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In today’s special 200th episode of the Hotel Marketing Podcast we welcome back both Stuart Butler and Melissa Kavanagh to the stage as we answer recent listener questions.  Join us on a trip down memory lane as well as the expert opinions on the most pressing issues for today’s hoteliers.

Question #1: How do I know if my marketing is really working? Is my hotel really improving or is everyone just improving?

Question #2: How should properties structure their rate strategies going into 2022?  It seems that demand is going to stabilize and rates will need to come down to a more “realistic” level.

Question #3: What marketing tactic used to work before the pandemic, but is no longer effective. Conversely, what are things that wouldn’t have worked before the pandemic but are effective today. 

Question #4: I’m starting on my 2022 budget.  What’s something I should consider for next year that’s new?

Question #5: What’s your recommendation for keeping up with content and the need for a blog?  I don’t have the time to commit to producing that much content.

Question #6: My hotel is pretty far from the major attractions and city center compared to my competitors. Also, the city is small with only a handful of local events that drive people to my area each year. What can I do to entice visitors to stay with me rather than my competitors without reducing my rate significantly?


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