Hotel Marketing Podcast Episode 199: Don’t Let These Three Email Pitfalls Destroy Your Hotel’s Marketing

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This episode of the Hotel Marketing Podcast covers the article at 

Marketers are the worst when it comes to using an effective marketing tool in a smart way.  And of all the tools at a marketers disposal, email is the one that gets the most abuse.  It’s seen as a “free” way to reach qualified customers. Though just like the saying “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” there’s no such thing as a free email.

In fact, abusing your email list is very, very costly.  

  1. It wasn’t actually free, you paid a ton for that list through years of marketing efforts, conversion funnels, paid search and more.
  2. Hoteliers are in the business of creating trust with their guests. If you abuse their email, what are the odds you abuse their stay experience?
  3. Abusing your email list means people will tune you out, meaning they won’t be listening when you have something important to say.
  4. Lastly, people will become sick of your shenanigans and completely opt out (aka, the death sentence of marketing).

But you don’t have to worry about that, you’re a smart hotelier.  Just for fun, let’s say you find people are opting out, well that’s why we have the article we’re going to cover today at where we go over the three reasons why your hotel’s email efforts have failed your guests, and what you can do about it.


60 Seconds To Success

Make the most of Google’s Data Studio and share your hotel’s insights with the entire team.  Using DataStudio is incredibly easy.  Start by going to using the same Google account as your GA data.  From there you can simply create a template report, customize an existing report, or create an entirely new one.  For starters, choose a template from one of the dozens that are already in your system.  From there you can customize the data in a simple drag and drop layout.  

The best part is when you have a report you’re happy with you can share view access with anyone without the unnecessary complexity of Google Analytics.



Our Latest Traveler Sentiment Study #13 is coming out soon which focuses specifically on the Delta variant and how that is impacting our industry.  We’re still crunching numbers on approximately 2,000 responses but this one fact will give you pause.

  • 13.6% Will NOT travel due to Delta
  • 31.6% is hesitant to book due to Delta


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