Hotel Marketing Podcast Episode 195: Driving Revenue & Guest Satisfaction Through the Art of Persuasion

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Ryan Beachum of and is joining us today to share his years of experience launching and managing companies as well as using the power of persuasion to improve BOTH revenue and customer satisfaction.  While this is critical from a sales and startup role, it also is something every Hotelier should be building into the journey a guest experiences pre, during, and post stay.

Unleashing the Power of Persuasion 

Remember the words of Jeff Bezos, ‘Think about your customer/guest not your competition – your competition is not going to buy from you anyway.” This will allow you to unleash your full power of persuasion. Listen to the full podcast while we discuss the below and much more.

  • The power of persuasion immensely affects every aspect of our lives including work, relationships, negotiation on consumer goods and services
  • The great leaders of companies and countries are sales people: “Not just convincing your customers to buy your product, but convincing people to extend credit to you and convincing people to come to work for your company.” – Bill Gates
  • Persuasion through the front desk staff: Find ways to over serve the guest and ask them for feedback 
  • Website persuasion, modernize, it’s your face now – what differentiates you from the hotel down the street – what audience would be interested to know that? Drive paid social targets to your page…
  • Your property must become incredibly consumer-centric 
  • Marketing these days is not so much about a call to action – it’s about simply providing value to a specific audience within proximity to your brand – so, the question is how can you provide value online and other ways – keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be directly correlated with hotel stays
  • Create value without always selling – also, what is your b2b plan to get in conferences, etc.
  • Customer service is not what it used to be – even from when I was a kid a nice restaurant or hotel was really distinguishable and you got what you paid for – that guest is in your home and it’s your goal to make them feel that way

Who is HelloVacay?

  • HelloVacay sit in the middle of the Travel Clubs and the OTAs – Affordable and flexible subscription-based access to private travel rates on resort/hotel unsold rooms (with benefits) – but without the significant expense and long-term obligation of a travel club – legitimately up 70% off, these are not publically available travel rates. On today’s podcast we’ll be learning about:
    • HelloVacay’s vision is to become the most affordable, flexible travel club there is with access to the private rates
    • How does compare to TripAdvisor Plus?
    • Is there a place for the hotelier to succeed on HelloVacay?
    • How are the rates on HelloVacay better than what a guest could book online or directly through Priceline?
    • If a property is already sending rate to Priceline you are ALREADY on HelloVacay
    • What hoteliers and vacation rental owners can do to put their best foot forward on HelloVacay?

Getting to know Ryan Beachum:

  • What is your 2nd favorite podcast (after ours of course) 
  • What piece of advice would you share with a hotelier to make the most of the 2nd half of 2021 and into the future?
    • have someone that understands marketing technology – paid social – digital marketing strategy You just have to stand out above the white noise at all cost through value and branding – there is tremendous competition in our industry so you have to ask yourself ‘What is my unique voice and my unique value proposition’ – but, be careful not to try to be all things to all people. You just want to stand out to a very specific audience and go really deep with that – narrow your focus – be very specific.
  • Favorite Vacation Destination
    • International: Japan
    • Regionally: Lake Tahoe
  • How can we connect with and you?


In The News:     


Correction of the Week:

After our last podcast, episode 194, the Clarity team at Microsoft reached out and said they enjoyed the show and confirmed we got everything about 95% correct.  However they did correct two grave errors:

1 – Clarity is not “free for now” as Melissa put it.  It’s “free for always”

2 – Their heat mapping system looks at each individual element on the page, not just the target link.  Meaning it is much more accurate than heatmaps of the past.

Thank you Ravi and Priyanka for helping keep me between the lines.


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