Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 190 – We Are Now TravelBoom & How You Improve Your Hotel’s Conversion Funnel

This is an exciting two part podcast. The 20 minutes is about a big announcement from Fuel. The second 20 minutes is a must-listen discussion on deconstructing the hotel conversion funnel.

Part 1: You Can Call Us TravelBoom

Big, big changes are afoot here at Fuel… or should I say big Booming changes.  Today we’re announcing a major change in our little part of the hotel marketing world.  

Many people know that we have always offered both software services and marketing services to independent hoteliers. On the podcast we typically focus on marketing strategies and tactics, but on the software side we had the Fuel booking engine, mobile app & digital key, CRM systems and more. 

Well, that’s all changing today.  We have made the decision to spin off our marketing services to a stand alone entity known as TravelBoom.  

You can read more at  

Part 2: Deconstructing The Hotel Conversion Funnel

If you’ve had any experience in the website industry, there is no doubt you have had many conversations regarding conversion rate on websites. In the hotel industry, we typically look at conversion rate of either visits or unique visitors into bookings. We’ll get into the difference in those two metrics in a little bit, but right now, I’d like to bring into light the various parts of the hotel funnel, as there are so many places potential customers can fall out. Additionally, each of part of the funnel conveys a different hurdle in the booking process, not to mention the fact that different types of traffic enter the funnel at different points. Let’s take a look, shall we? Read the full article here.


In The Newsaroos:   

Fuel Travel’s Marketing Services Are Now TravelBoom:


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