Hotel Marketing Podcast Episode 192: How Kid-Friendly Can Be RevPar-Friendly For Hotels

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Are you ignoring a major segment of your audience, and a vast majority of the true decision makers who hold your future in their hands? If you’re a resort destination, family-friendly, or offer kid-friendly amenities you may very well be giving the cold shoulder to your most important consumer.

While parents may choose when to vacation, the kids hold the key to where that vacation will take place. Engaging with kids to help them nudge the parents is easy, particularly when you remember one golden rule: Kids are actually little people, and like to be treated as such.

If you’re a family property and if kids are an important part of your market segment there are countless ways you can differentiate yourself to stand out to the youngest of your guests. These five tips will help you connect and win with your youngest guests.

  • Kid Friendly Staff
  • Kid Friendly Rooms
  • Kid Friendly Amenities
  • Kid Friendly Community
  • Kid Friendly Marketing

There are countless more ways you can cater to your younger guests, including enhancing what you are already delivering to younger visitors.  However, before you make any changes, audit your own property by looking at it through a kid’s point of view.  Better yet, enlist your kids, or your staff’s kids, into a little forced labor to experience the property and share their recommendations.


Listener Feedback:   

Hey! Just listened to your 2018 podcast on TripAdvisor. We’ve got a top rated restaurant in Ecuador that has failed to receive any attention from TripAdvisor awards, etc. yet restaurants around us, including some who have had little to no reviews over the last year, have been award “Travelers Choice” etc. When I try to contact TA through the owners portal it does everything it can to avoid giving you anyway to actually contact them.

It was finally revealed that they removed us from the list of awards, downgraded our popularity, etc. all because of one review *suspected* to have been from someone affiliated with our restaurant. I’m doing all I can to get this figured out and corrected, but I tell ya, they’re not making it easy. We’ve worked hard to become one of the top restaurants in the country.

TA feels like one of those organizations that just got too powerful over the years and needs to get disrupted. I think Google is the logical choice, but unfortunately we do still see a lot of traffic in the restaurant from TA recommendations, so it’s a necessary evil.




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