Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 66 – Does Your Hotel’s Marketing Sit On A Throne Of Lies?

Does your hotel website and the online shopping experience accurately reflect the on-property experience? Or, are you a cotton headed ninny muggins who tricks unsuspecting guests into staying with you, only to disaapoint them and have them never return to your property? Hopefully you are the former rather than the later.

In this Elf-inspired episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, we break down some of the biggest mistakes that hotels make by not accurately representing their product and we talk about the consequences that follow.


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Does Your Hotel’s Marketing Sit On A Throne Of Lies?

Why This Is Important

  • Overselling and under-delivering
  • Unhappy guests = negative online reviews; refunds / guests leave
  • Negative online reviews = empty beds & lower ARD over time
  • Your word of mouth marketing will also tank

Tips For Ensuring A Consistent Online & Offline Hotel Experience

Consistent NAP

  • Start with the basics
  • Are your property name, address, and phone # up to date and accurate?
  • Are they consistent?
  • Do your local listings reflect this?
  • Software can help automate

Hotel Information

  • Are your hours, check-in times, etc. up to date?
  • What about hours for amenities, dining, etc.?
  • Are any third-party references accurate and up to date? (ex: restaurant TripAdvisor page)

Hotel Descriptions

  • Fine line between creative copywriting and blatant lying… but it does exist
  • DO NOT exaggerate hotel offerings or details

Hotel Photography

  • A hotel’s most valuable yet most neglected asset
  • Images are what sell your hotel – you do NOT want to set yourself up for failure
  • Minimal editing is to be expected, but to not go overboard (ex: changing beach water color)
  • Also keep your additional room props to a minimum


  • Having genuine guest reviews and testimonials on your website can be a huge selling point
  • Do NOT falsify, manipulate, or alter reviews
  • Showcase genuine reviews and consider showing responses

Staff Interactions

  • Does your website boast being family-friendly?
  • Do you tout exceptional service?
  • Does the on-property experience actually live up to the hype?

Bottom Line – If there are things you are not comfortable sharing about your property – FIX IT.



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