Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 45 – How To Hire A SEO Consultant For Your Hotel

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Regardless of size or location, SEO is the lifeblood for any hotel. For most properties, it’s the number one source of continuous, qualified traffic. For years, many people have struggled to know how to find a qualified and experienced SEO agency for hotels because there are way too many cowboys out there who guarantee results or implement shady tactics. Luckily, Google recently put out a video with some effective tips and advice on finding a reputable firm and that’s the topic we discuss in this episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast.

Google released video (article via Search Engine Land http://searchengineland.com/google-releases-new-video-hire-seo-consultant-269463)


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Show Notes:

General SEO Guidelines

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

  • It’s not “magic”
  • Long term success can not be achieved by short term “tricks”

Successful SEO helps you put your best foot forward so that it ranks APPROPRIATELY.

SEO works to improve the entire searcher experience → Doing what is good for SEO is good for all of your online customers

A good SEO will follow best practices → Pair recommendations with best practices documentation from Google

In most cases, SEO will take 4 – 12 months before long term results are seen.

The video, released by Google, provides three tips to help with the process of hiring a SEO.

  1. Conduct a two-way interview with your potential SEO. Check that they seem genuinely interested in you and your business.
    a. A few questions the SEO should ask you include:

    1. What makes your business, content, and/or service unique and therefore valuable to customers? (UVP)
    2. What does your common customer look like? How do they currently find your website?
    3. How does your business make money? And how does search help?
    4. What other channels are you using? (ex: offline advertising, social media)
    5. Who are your competitors? What do they do well online and offline?

    b. The SEO should want to know about your business from a holistic perspective → Understand goals, customers, and overall marketing efforts

  2. Check their references.
    1. Conduct online and offline research about your potential SEO
    2. Ask for references or past client work
  3. Ask for a technical and search audit.

The biggest holdup is often on the business end → Make sure your entire organization is on board and ready to make the recommended changes / investment.

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