Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 16 – The Definitive Hotel On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet

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Despite search engines doing their best to push organic results down and replace them with more paid ads, every hotel still relies on a steady stream of free traffic from organic search engine results. SEO can be very daunting due to the vastness of what it entails. Search engines look at hundreds of factors when determining which results should rank at the top of the results page for any given keyword. In this episode, we discuss some of the basic block and tackle on-page aspects that can have a significant impact in your overall search ranking..

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Show Notes:

Previously, we have discussed the Top 3 SEO factors in a broad manner. Today, we discuss things at a more granular and tactical level.


In a recent blog post, one of our resident SEO experts, Meisha, gave an in depth look at What you should include in an SEO audit

The #1 SEO Audit For Hotel Websites

Read the full article for a more detailed explanation and a list of technical items to check for, but here is the basic outline for on-page optimizations:

On-Page Optimizations

Download the FREE Fuel SEO audit and make a copy to use for yourself!


Question of the week: What are the biggest SEO mistakes that hotels make? Darren B.



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