Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 140 – Local Listings Updates Best Practices During COVID-19

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In this episode, we go through some simple changes that your property should be making right now to your local listings. Keeping property information up-to-date, especially as cities are changing their protocols. Updating your local listings like Google My Business, Moz, and Yext accounts is the best way to keep your guests in the loop.

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Here’s the original blog post on this topic:  https://www.travelboommarketing.com/blog/local-listings-best-practices-during-a-global-crisis/


Best Practices:

(If you use Moz Local and GMB, update first in Moz as they will push everything to your GMB listing once synced.)


Hotel Hours:

  • Whether you have temporary hours, closed for through the end of the month, or until further notice you should update your local listings
    • Moz Local – update Opening Hours section
    • GMB – update Special Hours section
    • Yext – update Holiday Hours section
  • You’ll want to update 6-7 days before changes go into effect, when possible
  • You’ll also want to set a reminder and add updating your property hours to your recovery checklist.


Hotel Description:

  • GMB aggregates your Hotel Details section from an overall online web presence.
    • Update your hotel details & important information online across the board.
  • Moz Local allows you to update a Short (200 characters max) and Long Descriptions (1000 characters max).
    • Update both as different directories require different lengths.
  • Yext allows you to update Business Description (750 characters max)
  • Examples of things to include
    • Due to the current global epidemic we are facing, we have decided to temporarily close to the public. We are open for medical staff and personnel working in nearby hospitals to fight coronovirus. The health and safety of our staff and guests are of our utmost priority. We will keep you posted on our policy changes and on the reopening of our property.
  • Again you will want to be sure to set a reminder and add updating these sections into your recovery checklist


Additional Property Page Info:

  • Yext features Modules like Announcement Bar, Banner, etc.
    • These are great tools to place updated information including policies, cancellations, property info, etc so that they are front and center
  • Moz Local features New Posts publishing tool
    • Use similarly to the announcements, etc in Yext
  • Moz & Yext both feature a tool to leverage Questions & Answers or FAQ List
    • Answer questions pertaining to hotel preparedness, policies, cancellations, etc
    • Examples:
      • Is [hotel name] open?
      • What is [hotel name] doing to prepare for coronavirus?
      • What precautions is [hotel name] taking in regards to room cleanliness?
      • What are [hotel name] the policies and cancellations in regards to reservations during COVID-19?
      • Is [hotel name] open for medical staff & personnel?
  • Revisit all these sections frequently and update as your information changes
  • Add these sections to update on your recovery checklist


Hotels With Restaurants:

  • Can be leveraged as a source of revenue with delivery and to-go/pick-up options available.

Restaurant Hours:

  • Just like for hotel hours, you’ll want to update your restaurant hours as well
    • Moz Local – update Opening Hours
    • GMB – update Special Hours
    • Yext – update Holiday Hours
  • Add update restaurant hours to your recovery checklist


Restaurants Description & Services:

  • Within the Description section of Moz, GMB, and Yext include
    • Temporary operations updates
    • Whether pick-up only, delivery only, or both services available
    • Dining area is closed until further notice
  • Update the Services section within Moz and GMB to include pick-up and delivery
  • Add updating description and services to your recovery checklist


Restaurant Posts & Modules

  • Within Yext, use those same Modules (Announcement Bar, Banners, etc) with important restaurant info. Keep your messaging consistent.
  • GMB & Moz offer the Posts feature and similarly to what you’re created in Yext, you can create within these two listings
  • Examples of suggested content:
    • Updated restaurant info and operations
    • Pick-up and delivery options while dining area is closed
    • Special menu for pick-up/delivery
    • Supporting local businesses like your hotel restaurant


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