Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 139 – How To Nail Hotel Messaging During A Global Crisis

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Now more than ever, the messaging you send your guests is vital to your hotel’s future success. Your hotel messaging could invoke confidence and togetherness or cringe and turn off—you don’t want to be in the latter grouping.

If you plan on reaching out, consider the following messaging tactics. We’ll also include hotels and companies that have the right idea for messaging and promoting to consumers during global adversity.

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1. Instill Confidence in Your Guests

Let your guests know the health and safety measures you’re taking. Offer flexibility when you can and be clear in your messaging.

    • Examples include:
      • Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa: The email uses clear messaging that states the benefits of booking direct and offers free cancellation.
      • The Breakers Resort: Relaxed cancellation policies have been introduced and are clearly stated, so the guest can safely book knowing that if circumstances change, they can make a cancellation and receive a full refund.
        • The new policy change is highlighted using a different font color.
      • InTown Suites: The website’s homepage includes a banner that clearly states that the guest’s health and safety is the focus.


2. Lead with Sincerity &  Empathy

Acknowledge the issue at hand. Let the consumer know that you’re thinking of those affected by the issue.

  • Examples include:
    • Sun & Ski Inn and Suites: The messaging immediately touches on the crisis and speaks to the guests and employees affected by the crisis.
    • The messaging is open and honest by speaking to the property’s decision to close.
    • The messaging also leads and ends with a strong message about light being a symbol of “hope, future, and direction”.


3. Build & Strengthen Your Community

Winning over followers shouldn’t be the focus here. The focus should be the needs of your community (Guests, employees, local, etc.) to build support and togetherness.

  • Examples include:
    • Grace Bay Resorts: The resort puts the spotlight on their employees.
      •  They regularly mention supporting the livelihood and safety of their staff throughout the video message.
    • The Bouqs Company: The company lists the actions they’re taking to support the partners they work with.
      • They’ve also listed ways you can support your local community during this difficult time.
    • Niagara Falls Tourism: Started a social campaign called “Niagara Heart of Hope” and started a hashtag.
      • Hotels and casinos in Niagara Falls are lighting their windows with hearts to show signs of hope and solidarity.


4. Keep Your Destination & What You Offer Top of Mind

Stay top of mind by sharing resources that followers and guests can enjoy from home. Maybe you host a happy hour? Share drink recipes of your most popular drinks so your followers can make them at home. Create virtual events for classes, discussions, performances, etc. Be an escape for people during this crisis.

  • Examples include:
    • Canyon Ranch: Not only is the messaging uplifting, but the resort also promotes wellness resources that followers can enjoy at home.
      • Nutritional, fitness, spiritual resources
    • &Beyond Travel: The messaging highlights the destination.
      • &Beyond encourages friendly engagement and shares their favorite destination-themed books, movies, recipes, and music.


BONUS: Update Your Ad Copy Messaging

  • Leverage your ad copy to promote stays in the future.
    • Summer stays
    • Book your next vacation
  • Consider changing your ‘Book Now’ CTA
  • Consider testing flexible cancellation policies in your ad text (only if you’re offering flexible cancellations)


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