Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 107 – How Hotels Can Use Their Authority To Drive More Bookings

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In this episode, we have a special guest, Neil Howe, and we discuss ways in which a hotel GM or Owner can leverage their authority to drive more bookings. Neil is a best selling author and entrepreneur, known as ‘The Authority Architect’ and he helps professionals leverage their knowledge to drive more business.


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First, the GM has to make sure the staff know this is important by being involved himself/herself making the time to share the story of the hotel and what makes it unique. Although the GM will get a lot of authority in media. The staff are the unsung heroes whose stories need to be told. Think of Undercover Boss – each staff member has a story and brings something to make the hotel unique.


Can you give 5 or 10 tips for GMs to establish their authority in their market



  1. Be known for something – guests want to know what the hotel is all about, how is it unique, how do you contribute to the community, environment,
  2. Be known for service – people want experiences. Promote what you do great, better than anyone else
  3. Highlight staff – Do you have a top chef, SPA, Personal Trainer, Front desk manager, Mascot/Greeter
  4. Multi author book – Highlight all that is great about the hotel and the staff. Leave it in each room. Guests always need something to read! Enclose value within the book that invites them back or offers referrals. $2-3/book Print on demand.
  5. Create a campaign around The Official Hotel of [City] Staycations
  • The Official Hotel of Thinking About Nothing
  • The Official Hotel of Being Good To Yourself
  • The Official Hotel of Breakfast Lovers
  1. Tell the story…..   Tell other people’s stories. Guest experiences, Famous Guests,
  2. Collaborate with the local community and create events
  3. Start a podcast – talk about upcoming events, things to do around the city, send it out via email correspondence. Interview staff, random guests, get testimonials/reviews.
  4. Package experience deals midweek (Chateau Elan)
  5. Travel Bloggers


How to share their message with the public

  • With all the ideas above, share via authority platforms, Press releases, local TV, Local Radio, Social Media Campaigns, etc


What do you feel are the best platforms to share that message

  • Share on Authority platforms with audiences Local News Social Accounts
  • Press releases to local and national online news sites: ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox (instantly recognizable trust triggers)
  • Local magazines, foodie magazines, travel magazines, blogs, local organizations
  • Books via Amazon (best seller) Kindle and Printable (print and ship on demand)


How using their intimate knowledge of the property and their authority could help lift hotel occupancy?

  • All these ideas are about positioning your hotel for SOMETHING. Take a stance and stand for something that is going to differentiate you from all the others and then market it.
  • Branding on different authority platforms shows you are always being talked about. People want to check out what’s hot and different and willing to pay more money for an experience


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