Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 100 – LIVE Ask Me Anything

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In the 100th episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, the Fueligans throw the gauntlet to our faithful listeners and pose the challenge, “Ask Me Anything”. Tune in to find out whether the inevitable curve-balls were tackled with the typical brilliance that can only come from this podcast.


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Some of the questions we tackle in this episode:

  1. Selim, @msimre (Twitter): What is your take on: https://www.phocuswire.com/End-of-hotel-metasearch
  2. Catherine from Panama City Beach – I manage 9 properties with one single portal website. Do I need individual property websites for each of my resorts?
  3. Missy (Facebook): How can a new property with no track record decide how much to invest in marketing in its first year of operation?
  4. Missy (Facebook): We’ve recently opened a fully eco sustainable property, generating all of our own energy, gathering and using all rain and waste water and saving 300,000 litres of water with ALL composting toilets…yeuch? NO – incredible to use, and not smell! I’d love to hear your views on whether or not clients REALLY care about the sustainable tourism and how can it be used for marketing advantage?
  5. Amit Arora @Amit_0717 (Twitter): @fuelTravel episode 100 AMA – what are your download numbers?? 🙂
  6. Pam Welliver @mrswelliver (Twitter): How do you measure ROI on FB advertising?
  7. Scott via email:
    Hi All, I enjoy the show and the all the great insight you offer.My question: we are an independent, boutique-y hotel on an island, adjacent to and easily accessible by two major population centers.

    We’re also the dominant property in the area. I’m wondering what you suggest as best practices in order to capitalize on our marketing efforts. Do we focus on promoting our property and letting guests put together their own travel/activity arrangements, or spend more effort creating alliances and packages w/ local providers in order to ease the travel burden and/or activity-planning requirements? Further, is there any reasonable value in advertising ourselves into these larger markets via Adwords or FB marketing?

    Finally, I wonder if you would clarify the different component pieces of Google’s hotel marketing (GHA etc), as I’m not sure which are purely in the realm of the booking engine, and which are directly accessible by the property (or are they only accessible for the property via the booking engine…)

  8. Mauricio Schuler (Digital Marketing Consultant at H&Hotels Group) via Linkedin: What are your thoughts on clickcease for hotels? I mean, if each hotel in our group has about 1,600 searches per month at $1.07 cpc and according to stats I-dont-really-know-where-from a fifth of those are clicked by bots, we would be saving some money. However, our web developer says Google already has strategies in place to fight bots.
    What are your thoughts on this?
    What would be a search volume worthy of such a protection? Do they really work?
  9. Stephanie M
    If my hotel is in a pretty unknown part of Italy (that is not traditionally touristy), what are the most important things I can do to promote the region in conjunction with my hotel (to tourists outside of Italy)? There is little support from the Region itself for tourism, so I feel like I have to do it on my own. Also, what are your favourite blogs, books and websites to learn more about hotel marketing? (Other than your blog which is awesome!)
  10. Meisha Bochicchio via Twitter: What are some of your top predictions for 2019? Any major industry changes or shifts?
  11. Meisha Bochicchio via Twitter: What are the top vanity metrics that you see hotel managers & owners getting hung up on, and what should they be focusing on instead?
  12. Loren Grey via Twitter: Question for the group @FuelTravel #hotelmarketing how do you actually calculate lifetime value of a guest?
  13. Bryce via YouTube: What does the team think about the proliferation of Black Friday/Cyber Monday in the travel industry
  14. Robert Cole via Youtube: Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?


Submit your questions and topic ideas on Twitter to @_travelboom.

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