Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 258 – Don’t Lose Your Analytics Data on July 1st! Here’s What You Need to Do

Good day fellow hoteliers and welcome to episode 258 of the Hotel Marketing Podcast. In today’s very brief episode, we’re going to talk about the biggest update in analytics since GA4. Every hotelier MUST listen to this episode

Before we begin, if you’d like to follow along, you can check out the show notes and all links over at and click on episode 258.  We’re going to be covering two main topics.


Universal Analytics Sunsetting.

The era of Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) is ending, and its successor, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), is transforming the world of website data analytics. While this shift shares exciting new insights into customer behavior, it also spawns challenges for today’s hotel marketers. Are you prepared for the impending Universal Analytics sunset?

  • What this means for hoteliers
    • You better have GA4 set if you don’t already (shame shame!)
    • Test and test again to make sure you’re tracking
    • You will lose all access to UA 
  • Do you really need to store historical data?
    • GA4 data storage limitation
    • GA4 will ONLY keep data for 14 months
    • Specific storage needs
    • There will be no year-to-date v/s year-to-date performance
  • The solution is a data warehouse
    • Preservation of historical data
    • Long term comparison
    • Advanced manipulation of data
    • Multiple data sources
  • How to transition to a data warehouse
    • Contact us or learn about BigQuery

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