Hotel Marketing Podcast Episode 235 – 5 Tricks To Make Your Hotel Instagram-Worthy

Today on the podcast I’m going to share five simple tricks you can put in place with just a little effort and a small budget that will have a big impact on your social engagement.  Why is it so important to create a space where your guests can share their experience with their friends & followers?

The truth is if your guests aren’t sharing your property, no one is seeing what you have to offer. The most recent 2023 edition of the Leisure Traveler Sentiment Study found that a vast majority of your guests will not visit your social channels before booking. So if you expect to get in front of potential guests, the only way to do so organically is through your current guests.

Five Tips To Make Your Hotel Shareable On Social

  • Social Sharing Tip #1: Everything Is An Experience
  • Social Sharing Tip #2: Create Spaces That Inspire Sharing
  • Social Sharing Tip #3: Prime The Pump With Pre-Arrival Motivation
  • Social Sharing Tip #4: Be Part Of The Conversation
  • Social Sharing Tip #5: Creative Incentives Drive Engagement
  • BONUS TIP #6: Simply Ask Your Guests


60 Seconds to Success:

Get to Know AI and GPT Systems such as ChatGPT

Think about the role AI and GPT systems can play in your hotel marketing.  While everyone at this point, that is not living under a rock knows about ChatGPT, most are very undereducated in how AI is going to completely upend the hotel marketing and operations world.

Step 1: Log in to and give the famous chatbot a try.  Keep in mind that its dataset is not real-time and the last data loaded is from 2021.

Step 2: Read up on AutoGPT and how you can string together multiple prompts to complete some crazy complex tasks, including live web searches.

Step 3: Have a cold beverage while you contemplate what areas can be improved with AI, and which ones need to remain in the realm of humans.


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