Hotel Marketing Podcast Episode 216 – Are Pesky Humans Getting In The Way Of The Travel Experience?

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Today on the Hotel Marketing Podcast we’re going to be talking about an interesting question?  Do humans add value to the travel experience?  If you look at the surging growth of vacation rentals, where human contact is minimal, the answer is no.  However if you ask hotel guests, a friendly staff is one of the most valuable attributes of a property.

Or, does the answer lie somewhere in the middle?  We have three articles to discuss today, all focusing on how humans may not be needed anymore. From there we’ll opine how fantastic humans are in the travel experience, but where you can also cut out that archaic human riff-raff. 

Clearly humans are not needed to the extent we are now part of the travel experience, but where are the places we can’t let the robots win?  Let’s look at the top three places for humans and the top three places for robots/automation, at least according to our personal opinions.



In place of the news this week we’re going to be doing a round of The Price Is Feud!!!  Where we’ll survey travelers and pose the responses to our panel.  In this abbreviated edition we’ll dive into Covid’s lasting impact and if rising prices will impact consumer travel. Tune in to the podcast to hear each of the panelist’s guess. The actual data is below. Data is based a survey to over 2,000 vacation travelers conducted on April 6, 2022.

Question #1

Will your vacation plans change this year due to rising travel costs?

Question #2

How much influence does COVID have on your travel plans?


60 Seconds To Success:

On Episode 209 we talked about secret shopping your competitors,  However we didn’t cover the most obvious next step, shopping your own property. That’s our tip for you today.  So, put on your fake mustache, use your spouse’s credit card, and go through the entire shopping and booking process, right up to enjoying your stay. As you go through the process, have your notebook handy and record all the good and bad you experience.  

If you can, take advantage of the reservation you made and enjoy a stay as a guest in your own property as well, secretly if possible, and note what can be improved on-site as well.

3rd party audits are great, but start with your own and you’ll find this to be the most cost effective and enlightening tip we can offer.


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