Hotel Marketing Podcast Episode 206 – Which CMS Is Right For Your Hotel Website?

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Today we’re digging into what is on a lot of hoteliers’ minds, 2022 and the big projects you’re planning for in the upcoming year.  One of those bigger capital expenses many are planning on is a new website.  Well, if that’s you, you’ve brought your ears to the right place since we’re going to be discussing how to choose the right CMS for your hotel website.  As we discuss this today, you can follow along on our corresponding article at 

Before we begin to recommend any hotel website CMS it’s important to look at what your needs actually are.  Are you building a complex website for a large resort with amenities, dining, entertainment and more?  Or are you building a site for a smaller boutique inn?  

Once you have determined your use case and needs, we need to talk about budgets.  While we all like to think we can get the moon on a stick (that’s for you Stuart) you will want to consider what goes into the site you need.  

Now, let’s look at the three main sites/platforms independent hoteliers use for their hotel site’s CMS.

  • WordPress
  • SquareSpace
  • Wix


60 Seconds To Success:

To make the most out of your hotel’s paid advertising budget, you need to be as refined as possible when it comes to targeting. Not all hotels have tens of thousands of dollars to spend each month to reach new guests at the top of the funnel and reel them into their mouse trap. Some only have a few hundred dollars to spend max. For those hotels, we recommend looking at a few factors to only run ads at the right time to the right prospect. The right time could be your top converting day of the week, hour of day or a combination of both. The right prospect may include people who live in certain areas, who fall into certain behavioral audiences, who fall into certain income levels etc. Layer targeting allows you to make the most out of a very small advertising budget. 



Travel Deal Tuesday? Does this really need to be a thing?


Stat of the Week:

Stat of the Week:

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