Top Hotel Marketing Blogs Of 2017

by Meisha Bochicchio

Another year, another 12 months packed with hotel marketing news and events. Here at Fuel, we make it a point to stay on top of the latest and greatest hotel marketing trends and provide our audience with high quality, relevant content. From our popular 2017 website study, which uncovered several new and surprising changes in the travel research funnel, to best practices guides – we covered a wide range of topics.

Check out our top hotel marketing blog posts for 2017!

10. Travel Trends For 2017 – Personalized Guest Experience

Personalization was a hot-button item for 2017 and a topic we covered in depth in our 2017 travel trends study. In this blog, we discussed how hotels and other travel companies (OTAs, Airbnb, etc.) are exploring new and innovative ways of providing a personalized guest experience. Read the full post here.

9. Marketing Psychology Hacks For Hotels

A recently published article, our marketing psychology hacks article quickly snuck up the ladder of our top 2017 posts to land a comfortable #9 spot for the year. We uncovered 5 sneaky ways that hotels can integrate marketing psychology messaging throughout the booking process to reduce friction and increase conversions. Read the full post here.

8. Facebook Marketing For Hotels

An oldie but goodie, our beginner’s guide to Facebook article was #8 on our list of top articles for 2017. This practical post is a great starting point for any hotel looking to revamp and improve their organic Facebook presence – we cover the top 5 things you need to master to get started. Read the full post here.

7. Travel Trends For 2016 – Disruption In The OTA Space

A precursor to our #5 article, this 2016 travel trends blog explored massive changes that took place in the online travel agent space. We dive into the direct booking push, TripAdvisor’s new Instant Book feature, and the emergence of “the sharing economy”. Read the full post here.

6. 2 Surprising Ways Google Analytics Is Different Than Adobe

Not all analytics platforms are created equal – an important thing to note when comparing data across multiple platforms. Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, the top two analytics platforms available, actually have two important differentiations, a topic we explore in our #6 blog article of the year. Read the full post here.

5. Travel Trends For 2017 – Hotels Respond To OTA Consolidation In Sharing Economy

How are hotels battling consolidation in the online travel agent space and disruption within the sharing economy? From direct booking campaigns to loyalty programs – our #5 post for the year explores the various strategies that hotels are taking to fight back. Read the full post here.

4. Travel Trends 2017 – Google Become Well Oiled Travel Marketing Machine

It’s no secret that Google has become far more aggressive in the travel space. With a full product, Google Hotel Ads, dedicated to travel booking on top of their regular ad platform, AdWords, we explore how Google is slowly transforming into a travel booking giant. Read the full post here.

3. How Hotels Can Adapt To Dramatic 88% Drop In The Number Of Sites A Traveler Visits Before Booking

We’re not above clickbait – which undoubtedly helped our #3 article climb to the top of our blog list with a rather shocking title. The data pulled from this article was part of our larger 2017 website study, which indicated that travel shoppers are actually “shopping” less – 88% less, to be exact. Read the full post here.

2. Best Facebook Ad Formats For Hotels

Facebook has become a pay to play platform, nudging more hotels to develop and implement paid social media strategies. The world’s leading social media platform offers a diverse array of cost-effective advertising options, which we dive into in our #2 post for the year on the top Facebook ad formats for hotels. Read the full post here.

1. Social Media Post Ideas For Hotels

2017 was a hot year for social media, as our #1 post for the year listed 75 social media post ideas specific to hotels. The article provides helpful tips for understanding your core social media audience as well as a few quick tips to help hoteliers carefully craft their social media strategy. Read the full post here.

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