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Hotel Social Media Post Ideas

Social media is an important part of your hotel marketing strategy. It has evolved more rapidly than any other marketing platform in history and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.

As a hotel, the thought of establishing a hotel social media marketing strategy from the ground up can be daunting. Even for seasoned social media professionals, concocting creative and engaging social content can seem exhausting.

Well, fret no more. Our team of hotel marketing experts collaborated with some of our top hotel social media clients to compile a complete list of hotel social media post ideas.

Hotel marketers can utilize these ideas to create a content calendar with engaging content that is relevant to both your hotel and target audience.

Social Media Post Concepts For Hotels

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About the Property

Social media platforms allow you the ability to pass snippets of information about your hotel to fans as they scroll daily.

Specials & Deals

Sharing special offers on social media provides an incentive for potential travelers to book a stay at your hotel.

Groups & Events

If your hotel boasts event or meeting space, social media is one of the top spots to spread the word. Be sure to mention whether you allow companies or groups to rent blocks of rooms for their conference. 

About the Area

Area or destination content is a fantastic way to entice travel and offers an opportunity to partner with local businesses for deals or special packages. Share nearby restaurants, attractions, and insider scoops about where to find the best of the best in your area. 

Question & Answer Posts

Question and answer posts are an easy way to bolster interactions on social media platforms. Ask your audience about the last time they visited, when they plan to visit next, their favorite things to do in the area, and more – then engage authentically with their answers.

Increasing Guest or Fan Involvement

Connect with past or potential guests on a deeper level by making them feel included on social media. Ask past guests to share photos from their vacations at your hotel, and monitor your social media to make sure you respond with excitement if someone posts about seeing you soon.

User-Generated Content

Sharing and reposting user-generated content from your guests on social media is a great way to boost engagement. It is good social media practice to share, at least to your Story, any content you’re tagged in that could be relevant to your audience.

Hotel Social Media Posts Ideas that Drive Engagement

These social media ideas all work great when you turn them into videos! Use the whole video or snippets of the video to entice people to watch and engage.

Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a helpful way to encourage user-generated content and establish strong social proof. Be clear about the contest/giveaway guidelines!


Hashtags can help build consistency on social media and are ideal for being found online, especially if your property or hotel is in a popular location.


Repurposing website content, hopping on the holiday bandwagon and sharing hotel updates can help fill gaps in content calendars.

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Our Top 54 Hotel Social Media Post Ideas

  1. Property-Shared Travel Tips & Tricks
  2. Guest-Shared Travel Tips & Tricks
  3. Property Trivia
  4. Hotel News
  5. Hotel Events (conferences, charity events, parties, etc.)
  6. Staff or Employee Highlights
  7. Positive Guest Reviews
  8. Amenity Tours or Highlights
  9. Room Tours or Highlights
  10. Behind-the-Scenes Tours
  11. On-Site Dining Tours or Highlights (including chef specials or favorites)
  12. Positive Media or News Coverage About the Hotel
  13. Special Offers
  14. Local Discount Programs or Discounted Partner Tickets
  15. Loyalty Program Information
  16. Event Space Tours or Highlights
  17. Catering Menu & Photography
  18. Special Event Photography
  19. Historic Photos of the Property or Hotel
  20. Area Tips & Tricks
  21. Area Trivia
  22. Nearby Attractions (with mileage for walking & driving)
  23. Nearby Dining (including distance, type of food and price range)
  24. Nearby Events
  25. Need-to-Know Destination Information
  26. Interesting Facts About the Destination
  27. Positive Media or News Coverage About the Destination
  28. Questions (open-ended questions like, “What was your favorite part of vacation?”)
  29. Frequently Asked Questions
  30. Surveys
  31. Polls
  32. Request for Help (name our new menu item, specialty drink, pool bar, etc.)
  33. Request for Feedback (how can we improve our hotel?)
  34. Facebook Live Videos
  35. Guest Interviews
  36. Share your top Vacation Photos
  37. Share your Best Resort Selfie
  38. Property Scavenger Hunt
  39. “Tag a Friend” (that you want to bring to our hotel, etc.)
  40. “Like & Share” (use calls to action to increase engagement)
  41. Room Giveaway
  42. Photo Caption Contest
  43. User-Generated Photos featuring Your Property
  44. Before and After Vacation Photos
  45. Video Submission Contest
  46. #MondayBlues
  47. #TravelTuesday
  48. #WineWednesday
  49. #WeddingWednesday
  50. #ThrowbackThursday
  51. #SundayFunday
  52. Holiday Posts
  53. Hotel Updates
  54. Property Blog Articles (cross-platform content sharing)

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Hotel Facebook Post Ideas

Facebook allows for longer form content, but that doesn’t mean you need blocks of copy for your Facebook marketing strategy. Use the space to engage authentically with your guests, incorporate ads to expand your reach, and share links to relevant pages, like your hotel’s calendar of events.

Here are some types of posts that do well for hotels on Facebook: 

  • High-quality videos and Lives that showcase the views, amenities, or other relevant piece of your hotel’s property
  • Open-ended questions about your hotel that encourage your audience to interact with the content, especially when there is a prize at stake (tell us your favorite dish at our hotel’s restaurant for a chance to win a meal voucher for your next stay, etc.)
  • Relevant updates about your hotel and the property, utilizing a link whenever possible for easy access to more information

Hotel Instagram Post Ideas

Instagram began as a photo-sharing platform, but we know that it has evolved to favor Reels while adding a carousel option to encourage users to post more than one static image at a time.

Instagram favors accounts that use their platform to the fullest, so here are some types of posts that typically do well on Instagram for hoteliers: 

  • Visually-interesting Reels that highlight your property while adding value by answering a frequently-asked question or providing information 
  • Carousel posts that follow a process from start to finish, like appetizers to dessert or before and after photos of an area that was recently renovated
  • Stories and Story Shares that include user-generated content, live looks at events on the property, and real-time updates that don’t require their own feed Post

Social Media Tips For Hotels

Now that you’ve got a sense of what your content might look like when it comes to social media, let’s look at a few general tips and tricks when considering your messaging across social media platforms. When you’re done reading, be sure to listen to the Hotel Marketing Podcast Episode 123 – Hotel Marketing 101: The Top 3 Things You Should Be Doing On Social Media.

Not All Channels Are Created Equal

Gone are the days when marketers could simply copy and paste posts across platforms. Each channel now has defined nuances, functionality and audiences that need to be taken into consideration. Your Instagram audience is likely very different than your Twitter or Facebook audience. Develop a solid understanding of how to effectively utilize each platform and who your audience is. Use tools to help you create a variety of content that is unique to the platform you’re posting it on. Some examples of helpful social media tools for hotels are:

  • TikTok
  • Boomerang
  • Ripl
  • Layout
  • Canva

Understand Your Core Audience

One foolproof way to get a feel for who your true page audience might be is to evaluate your page analytics or insights.

  • Facebook – You can access Facebook Insights via your hotel’s Facebook page on desktop or mobile and via Meta Business Suite on desktop.
  • Twitter – You can access Twitter Analytics via desktop from the left-hand menu bar or www.analytics.twitter.com. From mobile, you can view Tweet activity when you select a specific Tweet on your timeline.
  • Instagram – You can access Instagram Insights via Meta Business Suite on desktop or via your hotel’s Instagram profile on mobile.

You can also use this data to help drive your paid social media campaigns. Learn more about The Basics of Facebook Advertising.

Stick To Brand Standards

Maintaining a consistent image across all social media platforms is key. Ensure that your brand has established brand standards, social media guidelines and that everyone on your social media team is well acquainted with internal procedures.

Make Sure Entire Profile Is Complete

Be sure all profile fields are complete and up-to-date for your hotel. This includes page name, property description, website links, phone number, hours and more. You’ll also want to verify your page and set up a custom URL. Here are some helpful links:

Post at the Right Time

A big component of a social media post is when it goes live to your audience. Use your analytics to determine when your audience is most likely to be online interacting with content on which days, and schedule your content to post during those time frames. Be careful not to overwhelm your audience by posting too often – make sure your posts are valuable and don’t just post to fill the time slot.

Set Realistic Goals

Having a social media presence is essential – and so is measuring success! What key performance indicators (KPIs) are most important to your hotel? What are your social media goals? All of these are questions that should be asked and answered early on when developing your social media strategy.

Paid Ads

In conjunction with an organic social strategy, hoteliers can increase their social media reach with paid advertisements. These ads can target your hotel’s specific demographic and drive traffic to your website, while giving you a chance to showcase the best parts of your hotel experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Don’t know where to start with a paid social media campaign? Check out the best Facebook ads for hotels to find the ad type to meet your goals.

Interact With Fans

Maintaining an active social media page but neglecting questions and comments is like managing a store and ignoring customers that raise a concern. Social media is just that – social. Interact with page fans by answering questions and responding to comments, reviews and private messages.

Be Genuine

Another important part of social media management is to maintain authenticity. Show your brand personality throughout posts and interactions and use a more casual, natural tone. Additionally, do not automatically delete negative responses and feedback. A squeaky-clean page can look suspicious unless it matches similar experiences on other platforms. Rather, respond to any negativity in a polite and timely manner and attempt to take the conversation offline. We like to recommend the “good, bad, ugly” rule. Keep the good and the bad but not the ugly. Any page content that is offensive or harmful should be flagged and removed.

80 / 20 Rule

Like many things in life, the 80 / 20 rule also applies to self-promotion on social media. 80 percent of the time you should be encouraging page engagement, sharing relevant content and being genuinely helpful. Save the remaining 20 percent for partnerships, promotions and positive reviews.

Don’t Forget To Test

Testing is an essential element of any marketing campaign and basic testing principles be applied to your social media campaigns, as well. Experiment with post type, time of the day, audience targeting and more to find what works for your brand.

Profile page on social media or online portal. Man reading feed, status update or post with mobile phone. Follow, like or send friend request.

Fostering a strong organic social media strategy is imperative in a post-iOS14 world of Facebook advertising. If you’re looking to get your social media business booming, we can help. TravelBoom boasts a team of experts in social media strategy. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

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