March 25, 2020 · Jeremy Razook

Coronavirus: Examples of Hotel Messaging Done Right

Now more than ever, the messaging you send your guests is vital to your hotel’s future success. Your hotel’s messaging could invoke confidence and togetherness or cringe and turn off—you don’t want to be in the latter grouping.
The following hotels and companies have the right idea for messaging and promoting to consumers during global adversity.
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The Breakers Resort

Why it works:

  • Updated reservation and cancellation policies are clearly noted using a different font color.
  • The messaging includes information for new guests and guests that already have reservations in place.
  • The new policies inspire confidence in the consumer, who can safely book knowing that if circumstances change they can make a cancellation and receive a full refund.

The Breakers Resort Crisis Messaging
Breakers Resort Crisis Messaging

Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa

Why it works:

  • The messaging advocates for planning ahead without sounding pushy.
  • The promotion inspires confidence in the consumer by offering free cancellation.
  • The promotion clearly states the benefits of booking direct.

Lake Buena Vista Hotel Messaging Promotion

The Bouqs Company

Why it works:

  • The Bouqs Company is taking a community-first approach and lists the actions they’re taking to support the partners they work with.
  • The email does include a promotion (for healthcare workers specifically) but is no way pushy.
  • The email also suggests sincere, heartfelt ways the reader can support their local community during this difficult time.

The Bouqs Company Messaging

InTown Suites

Why it works:

  • A banner at the top of the homepage states the commitment InTown Suites is taking to ensure the safety of its guests.
  • The homepage banner directs visitors to a separate page that includes precautions and cleaning policies InTown Suites is implementing to ensure a clean and safe environment for all guests.
  • The messaging also highlights a separate method for renewing your stay without having to visit the front desk and keeping in-person contact at a minimum.

InTown Suites Crisis Messaging

Sun & Ski Inn and Suites

Why it works:

  • The messaging is honest and sincere.
  • The messaging speaks briefly on the hotel’s cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
  • Similar to Lake Buena Vista’s promotion, the Sunn & Ski Inn and Suites takes a when you come back approach in their email.
  • The closing copy leaves a lasting impression by mentioning light as a symbol for “hope, future, and direction” and states how the hotel plans to actively use this metaphor on a daily basis.

Sun & Ski Inn and Suites Messaging

Canyon Ranch

Why it works: 

  • The messaging is uplifting and uses terms like “adapt”, “resilience”, and “flourish” that embody the human spirit during adversity.
  • Canyon Ranch makes it a point to be there for its guests/followers by encouraging wellness resources like nutrition, fitness, and spirituality practices that can be enjoyed at home.

Canyon Ranch Hotel Messaging

South Lodge

Why it works:

  • The messaging clearly states the value of booking direct.
  • Consumer confidence is established with flexible cancellation rates and a free room upgrade.

South Lodge Hotel Messaging

Myrtle Beach Pelicans

Why it works:

  • The messaging addresses the health and safety of its employees, the public, and the team’s players.
  • The terms flexible and flexibility are used often throughout the copy to invoke confidence in the consumer if they choose to make a purchase, like tickets that can be purchased now and the dates can be picked later.
  • The promotion includes in-game spending options that never expire and offers extra gifts, like a first pitch experience, based on a creative spending tier.

Myrtle Beach Pelicans Messaging

Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins

Why it works:

  • A banner at the top of the homepage states the commitment to health and safety Harman’s Cabins is taking. A Learn More button directs visitors to more in-depth information.
  • Information is updated based on developing circumstances, ensuring guests are receiving the most up-to-date information from the property.
  • Relaxed, flexible cancellation policies are clearly stated within the messaging.
  • The messaging includes Harman’s unique attributes like “an outdoor focused destination.”
  • The messaging includes health and safety measures the property is taking based on the guidance of public health officials.

Harman's Log Cabins Messaging

&Beyond Travel

Why it works:

  • The messaging aims to keep the destination top-of-mind and invites friendly engagement.
  • &Beyond Travel encourages guests/followers to visit a page on their website that lists African-themed resources like movies, recipes, and books that can be enjoyed at home.

&Beyond Travel Messaging

Grace Bay Resorts

Why it works:

  • The messaging is sincere and the video pushes the message to a more personable level.
  • The video message highlights how Grace Bay Resorts plans on supporting the livelihood and safety of their employees and guests, and taking a community approach during this difficult time.
  • Grace Bay Resorts invokes confidence and hope by mentioning how the resort plans to come back stronger than ever before.

Grace Bay Resorts Crisis Messaging

The Betsy Hotel South Beach

Why it works:

  • The Betsy Southbeach takes a community approach by presenting virtual art discussions for its guests/followers.
  • The messaging clearly states when the discussions will be broadcasted, how the discussions will be broadcasted, and what the reader must do to RSVP.

The Betsy South Beach Messaging

Niagara Falls Tourism

Why it works:

  • An uplifting campaign that invites friendly engagement through community solidarity.

Niagara Falls Tourism COVID19 campaign

Reunion Resort & Golf Club

Why it works:

  • The messaging speaks to the reader’s well-being and safety.
  • Reunion Resort & Golf Club takes advantage of their unique on-site services to promote a “Virtual Vacation” video series for tennis and golf lessons through Facebook and Instagram.
  • This keeps the resort top of mind and gives the reader an outlet to exercise at home and learn something new.

Reunion Resort & Golf Club Messaging

Vacation Myrtle Beach

Why it works:

  • Vacation Myrtle Beach keeps the destination top of mind with a virtual getaway for homebound travelers.
  • They also include downloadable screensavers and backgrounds that can be used for virtual meetings.
  • A reopening date at the end of the message keeps the reader informed.
  • “Book Now” is replaced with “Plan your next beach escape” messaging.

Vacation Myrtle Beach Hotel Email Messaging
Vacation Myrtle Beach Hotel Messaging During A Crisis

Blue Harbor Resort

Why it works:

  • “Family First” messaging centers on the health and safety of guests.
  • The property doesn’t forget the well-being of their younger guests.
  • Sharing the coloring activity and hashtag keeps the property top-of-mind.

Blue Harbor Resort Coronavirus Hotel Messaging

Steps You Can Take in Your Hotel Messaging

  • Instill confidence in your guests.
  • Make it clear what your hotel is doing to uphold safety and cleanliness for staff and guests.
  • Be sincere and empathetic in your messaging.
  • Take a community approach.
  • Offer assistance, whether it be through flexible cancellation policies or by providing up-to-date information about hotel policies.
  • If you’re offering a promotion, promote stays in the future and make sure your messaging reflects that.
  • If you have unique amenities or services to offer that can be enjoyed during social distancing (e.g. virtual events), highlight them.

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