July 9, 2018 · Stuart Butler

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 91 – 8 Ways Hotels Can Optimize Google My Business

Google My Business is a free and often overlooked opportunity for hotels to gain more search engine visibility. In this episode, we look at 8 thinks that you can Do Right Now to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

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  1. Claim Your Business & Verify!

  • Claiming and verifying your GMB listing can be advantageous for your property
    • Local SEO: Greatly enhances your search presence.
    • Reach new guests; builds confidence in guests to book with your property.
    • Your listing points back to your site/social profiles
  • You must verify your account before it can show in Search, Maps, and other Google services


  1. Make Sure the Knowledge Panel Is Displaying the Correct Information

  • Your GMB listing is like the front door to your business, all of the information (phone #, website URL, address, etc.) should be accurate.
    • If not, make these changes ASAP
  • You can also manage the services/amenities your property offers (pools, restaurant, non-smoking, etc.).
  • All of this info should match universally


  1. Answer Questions Asked by Searchers/Potential Guests

  • Humanizes your business and gives you the opportunity to interact with potential guests.
  • Frequently check your listing for questions.
    • Respond promptly, professionally
    • Avoid generic “yes” or “no” answers
  • Also a good way of dropping a valuable keyword or two into your listing.
  • You can even upvote questions for more visibility.
  • Note: ANYONE can answer a question on your listing, this is why you need you should be frequently checking your listing.


  1. Create Your Own Custom FAQ List Within Your Q&A Section

  • Get ahead by answering the questions you receive the most from guests.
    • Makes life easier for potential guests and makes less work for you (win, win!)
  • Still, it’s best practice to manually check your listing for unanswered questions frequently.


  1. Encourage Guests to Leave Reviews

  • 68% of people left a review after a local business asked them to (Bright Local, 2017). The odds are in your favor!
    • Upon guest checkout; Email remarketing; Social media; Subtle prompts in rooms
  • Online reviews can impact search rankings (Guests love reviews → SERPs love reviews).
  • If they leave a review, leave a response; it shows that you place value in your guests’ input.


  1. Add High Quality Photos and Video to Your Listing

  • Give potential guests an inside look at your property.
    • Showcase what makes your property unique.
  • Select a Preferred Photo: this will display next to your business name on Google Maps and search. However, it’s not a guarantee that Google will use this photo.
    • Stay away from using logos as a preferred image
  • Choose high quality images: exterior photos, room interiors, amenities, images of employees assisting guests, food and drink, etc.
    • Room Interior Images: these can be make or break for potential guests. Use well-lit, wide angle shots.
  • Optimize your photos for SEO: file name & alt tags
    • No keyword stuffing
  • Note: Guests can also post photos


  1. Message Directly with Potential Guests

  • Text with searchers through SMS or a messaging app to directly answer questions.


  1. Claim Your Bing Places for Business, Too!

  • You can now import your Google My Business information to your Bing Places for Business


The Things to Avoid

  • Follow Google’s guidelines so you don’t get penalized.
    • Multiple listings for the same location
    • Keyword stuffing
    • Using the wrong address

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