Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 179 – What The Heck Is Clubhouse And Why Should I Care?

by Stuart Butler

In this episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, the Fueligans discuss all things Clubhouse. If you’re not on this new audio-only social platform yet, you may be missing out. We breakdown what it is, how you can sign up, and why you should pay attention to it.

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What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-only social network where people can share information on a wide range of topics. The members can simply listen in or have the ability to start their own conversations. Currently, the platform is invite-only and is only available on IOS devices.

How does the invite system work in Clubhouse?

When someone sends you an invite, they tie the invitation to your mobile phone number. As soon as you log in, you are assigned 2 invites to share with anyone. As you use the app, you earn more invites.

How does Clubhouse work?

When you first log in to Clubhouse, you can follow people by searching your contacts and you can indicate your interests,you will see active rooms where people are having conversations. You can simply click on a room to join the audience and listen in. If you wish to contribute to the room, you may raise your hand and the moderator can invite you on-stage. People are not able to see you. You are represented by your profile picture and your name. People can click on your name to read your profile and they can choose to follow you if they want to be notified when you are active on the platform.
When creating a room, you can make it public, meaning anyone can see and join the room, or you can make it private to people you admit or to anyone within a specific club. A club is an umbrella topic. Examples in the hotel space include “Hospitality Professionals” and “Hospitality and more”.
Over time, as you join clubs and follow people who interest you, the rooms that you see on your home screen will reflect your interests. In addition to active rooms, you will also be able to see schedule rooms that will open at a future date.

How is Clubhouse different from other social platforms?

  • Clubhouse is audio-only
  • Clubhouse is currently invite-only
  • Clubhouse is real-time (nothing is recorded)


Fuel’s Top 7 Observations Of Clubhouse

1. The platform is extremely diverse

Clubhouse is bringing people together from across the globe and from all walks of life. There don’t seem to be any social barriers or echo-chambers on the platform yet.

2. There’s little-to-no noise

Having used the platform for several weeks, we’ve yet to experience any trolling or shameless behavior. The community is regulating itself really well. The lack of comments and non-personal feedback seems to eliminate the faceless anarchy that occurs on other platforms.

3. It’s very intimate

There’s a level of connection on this social network that is similar to that of Podcasting. Within a few days, you’ll begin to feel like you know the people you’re listening to. Better yet, you can actually develop real relationships because, unlike podcasting, you can have two-way conversations.

4. You get out what you put in

This is a platform, much like twitter, where people will dismiss it as a waste of time. It’s easy to jump into a couple of rooms and think you understand the platform. Give it time and put the hours in and you will see something very unique about this platform. You will be able to share knowledge with people whom you would ordinarily never meet. You will find connections and build relationships and even business partnerships within a very short period. There’s an inherent trust within Clubhouse, and authenticity, and a sense of community that we’ve not seen in other social platforms.

5. Plan to invest the time to understand and engage on Clubhouse

The platform does require a significant time commitment, even if you are passively listening while doing other tasks.  This is partly the draw in that you are forming relationships that are much more personal than any other network.  However this time commitment may prove to become an issue for the platform if users pull back due to a lack of time or commitment.

6. Have a charger nearby, your battery is about to get drained

The platform, only available on iOS devices for now, is a massive battery drain.  Just know you’ll need a charger nearby.  Hopefully, a desktop/browser version will be available soon.

7. There’s a fragility to the platform that can’t be overlooked

The ethereal nature of the platform is both its strength and its weakness. The value it provides through the serendipity of stumbling into interesting conversations with interesting people will only last as long as people find value on the platform. There are two major threats to the success of Clubhouse that are looming like a shadow. One is the inevitable competition that is coming from Facebook and Twitter. Both companies have indicated that they are developing similar features for their platforms. The second, and perhaps bigger threat, is how they will monetize the platform without losing its soul. Currently, brands cannot sign up with accounts and there’s no sponsored content. If and when that changes, the organic content will inevitably get deprioritized and the value of the platform will decrease.

Should I get involved in Clubhouse?

The short answer is, Yes. If you’re looking to learn new things and expand your network, Clubhouse is a great resource for any professional looking to further their career or any enthusiast looking to broaden and diversify their information sources.

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