Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 159 – The Top 7 Most Tweetable Pieces of Hotel Marketing Advice You Need Right Now (with Tim Peter)

by Stuart Butler

You already know that the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast is the #1 podcast in the world for all things hotel marketing. But, did you know that there’s another show that the Fueligans enjoy almost as much as our own? Thinks Out Loud with Tim Peter is smart and snappy and offers great insights into marketing strategy and provides valuable business advice. One of our favorite things about the show is how Tim manages to boil down complex ideas into bite-sized pearls of wisdom. We consider Tim to be the most tweetable digital marketer in the world and we’re excited to chat with him on this episode where we break down a handful of his sayings and unpack the deeper meaning for our listeners as they deal with the current COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

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1. Content is king, customer experience is queen, data is the Crown Jewels

This first one perfectly encapsulates the advice we gave the episode135: Google Is Going To Destroy Us All (Starting With The OTAs).
Corona-context: The fundamentals of running a successful business are the same, regardless of the situation you’re currently dealing with. Sticking to your fundamentals is especially important to remember during a crisis like COVID-19

2. When you invent the ship, you invent the shipwreck (originally by Paul Virilio)

This is his most often cited quote (even though Tim didn’t come up with it)
Corona-context: Another way of looking at this one is that everything you do has an intended and unintended impact. For example, if you are promoting your property to folks who are on lockdown, you may get some unintended backlash.

3. There are no millennials; they’re adults under forty

4. It’s not mobile-first, it’s guest first

These ones are good retorts against conventional (lack of) wisdom
Corona-context: it’s important to do your research and gather as much information as possible, but have the courage and the foresight to determine your own strategy and don’t just jump on the bandwagon. With the COVID-19 situation, it’s easy to panic and make knee jerk reactions, such as cutting advertising, but think more nuanced than others and see if you can be more deliberate and precise with your decisions.

5. Content should be snackable, shareable, sharp

6. Personalization starts with a person

These are very memorable and offer sage advice that you should incorporate into every marketing strategy you have.
Corona-context: As you think through your content and communication strategy, make sure that you’re not being tone-deaf to the fear that people are feeling. It’s ok to be out there talking about your property, but it’s probably not ok to encourage people to travel recklessly if your area is a hotspot or if the target audience lives in a hotspot. As you promote future stays, think about ways that you can eliminate or reduce the fear and the uncertainty associated with making a booking right now.

7. Hope is not a business strategy

This final one is relevant to everyone and may offer the most value from this entire list
Corona-context: Now would be the worst time to bury your head in the sand. Many hotels are in a fight for their lives. Hoping that this crisis will blow over in a few weeks is a sure-fire way to increase your risk. Be proactive, educate yourself, share thoughts and ideas with others, and look for opportunities to be creative.
Here’s a handy jam/jelly cheat sheet courtesy of Eater.com

  • Jelly: fruit juice + sugar
  • Jam: chopped or pureed fruit + sugar
  • Chutney: chopped or pureed fruit + sugar + vinegar + spices
  • Preserves: whole fruit or fruit chunks + sugar
  • Marmalade: whole citrus (either chopped or left intact) + sugar
  • Compote: whole fruit or fruit chunks + sugar (but usually eaten immediately, not preserved)


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