Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 119 – Dominate The Competition With These 15 Triggered Messages

by Stuart Butler

Effective communication is one of the keys to building a strong relationship with your guests. If you do it correctly, you can build customer loyalty, improve the guest experience, and drive more revenue. In this episode, the Fueligans break down a recent blog article that discusses 15 triggered messages that you should be sending to your guests
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Follow long at home with the original article:
15 Triggered Messages Your Hotel Should Be Sending To Your Guests
Here are the pro tips we teased you with in the show:

  • Make the messages as personalized and human as possible. It’s easy for messages to come across as sterile and generic. Try to use the guest’s name in correspondents as much as possible and also try to put the personality of the staff in the messages by showing photos of real employees and writing content with a conversational tone.
  • One size does not fit all. Always consider the source of the booking and create variants of each triggered message where it makes sense. For example, someone who books through an OTA should receive a different message than someone who books directly from your own website. Also, consider the length of stay and how far in advance the booking was made because these should both impact the timing and frequency of the messages you send to an individual.
  • Consider the method of communication based on the guest’s preference and the context. For example, an SMS message may be preferable and more effective while the guest is on property. Just be sure to ask permission and set expectations in advance.
  • To be successful, you must always remember to operate with the guest’s best interest in mind. When you lose sight of that and start sending messages that benefit you at the expense of the guest, it will all fall apart.
  • Be sure to remove folks from your generic emails when they are actively engaged in a personalized/triggered campaign. You want every message to be deliberate and focused on moving the relationship forward. Why confuse things by sending them a special when they’ve already booked?
  • The benefit of automated messages is that, once set up, they reduce the workload of your marketing team. However, this comes with the risk of triggered messages breaking at some point in the future. Be sure to have someone go through and test these messages on a frequent basis to ensure that the triggers are working, that the content isn’t out of date, and that the guest is receiving the best possible experience.

Need Help?
If you want to get started implementing these effective message triggers but don’t know where to begin, reach out to a Fueligan. Not only do we have the most advanced, hotel AI-Powered CRM software available, but we also offer managed email marketing services that can help take your email campaigns to the next level. Contact us here.
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In The Newsaroos:     

  • Over 200K businesses examined
  • “Businesses with more than the average number of reviews bring in 82% more in annual revenue than businesses with review counts below the average.”
  • Businesses with 3.5-4.5 star range average more revenue than those above or below (people are skeptical of 5 star and assume manipulation. Also 5 star tend to have fewer reviews)
  • Businesses claiming their listings on multiple sites earn 58% more revenue (GMB, Bing, Yelp, etc)
  • Businesses that respond to reviews average 35% more revenue

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