September 4, 2015 · Chad Carteret

Essential Design Elements for Any Hotel Site

Let’s face it, the travel industry is a fairly dense market and your hotel probably has to stand up to some pretty stiff competition. That’s why, in today’s modern digital marketing era, it is essential to utilize every tool available to its utmost capacity, like your hotel’s website for example. Making sure that your site has a few essential design elements can be a quick and easy step to ensure your hotel is making the best out of its online presence.

1) High-Quality and Recent Photography

North Beach Plantation really showcases its property with stunning photography.
North Beach Plantation really showcases its property with stunning photography.

We’ve all heard the phrase “content is king,” and it’s true even for hotel sites; quality content can really engage new visitors and keep past guests coming back for more. But, we’ve also all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” too, and this mantra rings especially true in the travel industry.
Having visually stunning photography can really make a striking first impression on potential guests. This feat is not easily accomplished, but rest assured, investing wisely in the asset that is good photography is the best way make your hotel thrive. For other tips on this process check out Hotel Photography: The Asset You Aren’t Assessing.

2) A Clear and Concise Call to Action

Even driving a billion visitors to your hotel’s website isn’t going to be all that useful unless you’re able to convert them into actual customers. The best way to make this conversion is with an obvious call to action; for hotels, this typically comes in the way of a “Book Now” form. This is going to allow guests to check your hotel’s availability and enter into the booking process, so it’s absolutely imperative that this form be succinct and easy to use. Be sure to cut the number of required fields down to a minimum in order to decrease the chances that a potential guest will feel overwhelmed.

3) Contact information

It’s surprising how many websites don’t highlight something as basic as contact information. Having contact information such as a phone number, contact form, or address really easy to access can be a godsend when a potential guest is having trouble finding their way around your site. Furthermore, this information needs to be especially accessible for mobile users. Ensuring that a guest has the ability to call the front desk or be given turn-by-turn directions to the property with a single click really improves your site’s ease of use.

4) Amenities

Hotel Blue puts its family-friendly amenities front and center on their homepage.
Hotel Blue puts its family-friendly amenities front and center on their homepage.

The best way to get visitors’ attention is to really showcase what your property has to offer. Some guests might be looking for casual comforts to really make their stay feel like a home away from home while others may be looking to squeeze a little more action and fun out of their stay. Make sure your amenities are presented in a way to entice both types of customers. Also, they’re probably going to be comparing your property to others, so it’s really important to highlight the aspects of your hotel that set you apart from all the rest.

5) Social Media

Today it’s hardly enough just to maintain a strong online presence with a specialized hotel website.  More often than not, you’re going to be connecting and interacting with customers via the different forms of social media. Social media sites can make it really easy to respond to guests’ questions and concerns. Furthermore, fostering a community of fans is one of the best ways to engage previous customers and turn them into lifelong devotees of your brand. Be sure to make links to your social profiles fairly prominent so that when all is said and done your past guests can easily become current fans. Be sure to check out our guide on Facebook marketing for hotels to get started.

Following these quick guidelines can guarantee that you are getting the most out of your hotel site. Tell us: what are some other elements that you think really set your hotel’s website apart from the rest? Or, if you don’t know yet, Contact TravelBoom today!

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