August 9, 2023 · Alyssa Fate

Does COVID Still Have An Impact On Leisure Travel?

In a post-pandemic world, leisure travel has rebounded and continues to evolve around the globe. 

A recent study by TravelBoom, 2023 Leisure Travel Trends Study: How the Economy and Changing Habits Will Shape the Future of Travel, found that guests are confident in traveling after Covid.

Do people still care about covid?

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, the majority of respondents from the United States (90%) and Canada (82%) indicated that Covid-19 has either no influence or only a minor influence on their travel plans. 

Covid and Travel

To some, Covid may no longer be a daily concern in your everyday life. To others, it may still play a role in making plans. Hoteliers should not stop looking for ways to help their guests feel safe from a health perspective. The data shows that travelers are still influenced by clean rooms, personal space, and an attention to visible hygiene processes

Hotels can navigate the needs of visitors by continuing to adhere to higher standards. Some helpful ways to continue to ease Covid concerns include:

  • Maximize technology to reduce reliance on labor (mobile check-in).
  • Offer flexible cancellation or trip insurance for guests that may become ill.
  • Communicate with guests regarding sanitization standards.
  • Provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the property.
  • Offer masks for guests that choose to wear them.
  • Create outdoor space to relax or eat.
  • Offer touchless entry where possible (bathroom entry, exterior doors).
  • Offer keyless or mobile entry to interior rooms.
  • Add an air purifier to your HVAC system.
  • Offer complimentary on-site Covid tests for guests experiencing symptoms.
  • Stagger check-in times to prevent large crowds.

Other helpful hints for hoteliers include:

  • Continue marketing to drive destinations through specific segmented campaigns.

Learn more about health and wellness travel as an industry trend.

Woman packing suitcase for summer trip, including face masks and travel-sized antibacterial hand gels

Want to explore other current travel trends? Download the 2023 Leisure Travel Trends Study: How the Economy and Changing Habits Will Shape the Future of Travel today.

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