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Social Media Flowers

April 19, 2022 · Alyssa Fate

Social Media Post Ideas For Hotels

Social media is an important part of your hotel marketing strategy. It has evolved more rapidly than any other marketing platform in history and doesn't show any sign of slowing down. Hotel marketers can utilize these ideas to create a content cal...
Target audience and market segmentation

June 15, 2020 · Phil Foriska

Timeline For Targeting Specific Markets During Recovery

There seems to be some debate on when hotels should resume their normal marketing efforts. Rather than guessing, we've reviewed collective data from our consumer sentiment studies, as well as online reservation data to provide a general timeline o...
Targeting Drive Markets

April 21, 2020 · Phil Foriska

A How-To Guide For Targeting Drive Markets

How-To Guide For Targeting Drive Markets In a post-crisis world, many anticipate that the majority of your hotel's business will com via drive markets. There will likely still be some apprehension to fly, but people will be in serious need of a g...
Fuel Social Media Marketing For Hotels

April 17, 2020 · Jeremy Razook

6 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Hotel’s Recovery

Leveraging your social media channels now will go a long way in making sure your hotel is in a position for success post-crisis. Whether you're an independent hotel, a luxury resort, or a boutique property, these tips and strategies should help an...
Businesswoman taking notes while sitting in office.

April 2, 2020 · Alyssa Fate

Crisis Recovery Checklist for Hotels

Preparing for a Coronavirus Comeback Navigating a pandemic can be difficult. However, you can rest assured knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve put together a crisis recovery checklist to ensure you’re prepared...