Inside The Mind Of Today’s Hotelier

Deep insights into hotelier challenges and how simple strategies can drive bookings and increase RevPAR.

Hoteliers Face Unique Struggles in 2024, This Study Reveals The Solutions

In 2023 TravelBoom surveyed 2,000 leisure travelers to gauge travel sentiment and what hoteliers can do to drive direct bookings. In this study, we ask a similar set of questions to the hoteliers to create a full picture of what the traveler and innkeeper agree on and where they are not aligned. The data, and associated analysis, lay out a clear path to connecting with guests and maximizing direct bookings.

Download the detailed analysis of the findings, along with observations and specific opportunities that help you position your property at the top of customers’ minds.

Key Insights Unveiled in the 2024 Hotelier Study

  • Staffing continues to lead hotelier challenges with 2/3rds of hoteliers struggling to fill their staff roles. 
  • The most important amenities guests demand and hotels provide do not always align.
  • Rising operational costs create friction between hoteliers and guests.
  • OTA competition with hoteliers is a key driver of budget strains. 
  • Hoteliers are underutilizing AI tools that can deliver improved revenue, marketing, and property management.

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Insights Preview

The cost of lodging was the number one complaint (49.6%) reported to hotels by guests, followed by room conditions (37%).

Both hoteliers and guests agree that rising accommodation pricing is the biggest hurdle to securing bookings. The data from the Hotelier study and the recent Travel Leisure Travel Trends Study determined that price is the determining factor for travel, sometimes preventing it altogether.